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Katy Perry To Diss Russell Brand On 'Idol'

Thu, April 26, 2012 4:53pm EDT by 3 Comments
Katy Perry American Idol 2012

Last night Katy Perry pre-taped her performance of ‘Part of Me’ that will air on tonight’s ‘American Idol’ — here are all the behind the scenes details of her heated performance!

Katy Perry is out for blood, or at least she’s ready to let Russell Brand have it again in her performance of “Part of Me” on American Idol April 26. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see tonight — and a look at some of the drama that occurred when she was shooting the number.

Channeling her buddy Rihanna in her “Hard” music video, Katy, 27, went with an army theme. Our spy tells us everyone is dressed in camouflage, from the dancers to Katy herself.

“It was war themed and felt like the beginning scene from Saving Private Ryan, ” the eyewitness tells us. “There was tons of smoke and fireworks throughout the performance.”

In the beginning, four dancers and Katy repel from the ceiling, making it look like they are coming down from helicopters. They practiced this move twice and during the first time, disaster struck!

“One of the dancers actually fell of the rope that was bringing her down,” our source says. “She smashed her face and head on the floor and I would be shocked if she didn’t have a concussion — but then she gave the ‘I’m OK’ thumbs up and continued with the performance without a beat. It was scary for a minute!”

There was also another major issue with the performance — Katy could barely sing!

“Katy was battling a sickness and before and after she was coughing up flem,” the insider remembers. “It was a bit gross. She said she was trying to feel better from being sick.”

The whole extravaganza took a bit longer than everyone expected to film and when the audience began to get restless, Katy started to bribe them.

“She thanked everyone for staying for so long, since they had been there for more than three hours at that point because of Idol,” the eyewitness says. “She said she was going to buy the audience, Olive Garden, Jack In The Box and Cheesecake Factory for staying. It was a joke though and she didn’t go through on the promise.”

Fortunately, we’re sure you won’t see any of the small imperfections tonight when “Part of Me” airs on Idol tonight. You’ll only hear Katy’s angry message to Russell in a VERY public way!

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