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'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Tyler Bails On Jordan & Chase

Wed, April 25, 2012 12:05am EDT by 54 Comments
16 & Pregnant Recap

Can an episode of ’16 & Pregnant’ ever have a happy ending? Poor Jordan thinks she has a man that ‘caters to her,’ but she gets a big surprise in the end!

The April 24 episode of 16 & Pregnant introduced a 17-year-old pregnant student named Jordan Howard from Lancaster, Penn., and her boyfriend Tyler Zeplin — but her mom Kelly doesn’t like them together, especially because Tyler is white! She doesn’t even let Tyler come into their house!

The interracial couple love each other even though they may come from different families and backgrounds. Jordan loves Tyler, even though he is a loner and un-popular. Her mother’s opinion of Tyler is not very high. She thinks he is “dirty looking” and “disrespectful.” She insists there is no way that they will be “shacking up” after the baby is born.

Jordan stays at Tyler’s house most of the time, just in case she goes into labor. She also wants to live with Tyler at his house after the birth.

Out of all the 16 & Pregnant couples, Jordan and Tyler actually accommodate and understand one another the best — or so it seemed at the beginning!

The real obstacle is Jordan’s mom! When Jordan and Tyler decided to bring the crib to his house — it was previously at her’s — it makes Kelly furious! But like any loving mom, she doesn’t want to stay mad at her daughter, so so she and Jordan make up, which causes Jordan to decide to stay with her mother with the baby.

Kelly decides to allow Tyler to come over the house when ever he wants. She said there will be an “open door.” Will Tyler take advantage of the new policy?

But when their baby boy Chase Alexander is born, the momentum of their relationship quickly changes — for the worse!

Immediately after Chase is born, Tyler bails and doesn’t even spend the night with Jordan and the baby. In fact, days go by when he doesn’t see or speak to Jordan.

Big surprise… not!

Kelly was right all along to not let Tyler come over because he chose not to anyway! He made excuses and more excuses as to why he couldn’t come see Chase, so ultimately Jordan becomes a single mom with the intent to gain full custody of adorable Chase. Of course, her mother is more than thrilled.

Were you surprised that Tyler and Jordan ended their relationship, leaving her alone with the baby? Or did you expect the dramatic ending?

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