'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Tyler Bails On Jordan & Chase

Wed, April 25, 2012 12:05am EST by 54 Comments
16 & Pregnant Recap

Can an episode of ’16 & Pregnant’ ever have a happy ending? Poor Jordan thinks she has a man that ‘caters to her,’ but she gets a big surprise in the end!

The April 24 episode of 16 & Pregnant introduced a 17-year-old pregnant student named Jordan Howard from Lancaster, Penn., and her boyfriend Tyler Zeplin – but her mom Kelly doesn’t like them together, especially because Tyler is white! She doesn’t even let Tyler come into their house!

The interracial couple love each other even though they may come from different families and backgrounds. Jordan loves Tyler, even though he is a loner and un-popular. Her mother’s opinion of Tyler is not very high. She thinks he is “dirty looking” and “disrespectful.” She insists there is no way that they will be “shacking up” after the baby is born.

Jordan stays at Tyler’s house most of the time, just in case she goes into labor. She also wants to live with Tyler at his house after the birth.

Out of all the 16 & Pregnant couples, Jordan and Tyler actually accommodate and understand one another the best — or so it seemed at the beginning!

The real obstacle is Jordan’s mom! When Jordan and Tyler decided to bring the crib to his house — it was previously at her’s — it makes Kelly furious! But like any loving mom, she doesn’t want to stay mad at her daughter, so so she and Jordan make up, which causes Jordan to decide to stay with her mother with the baby.

Kelly decides to allow Tyler to come over the house when ever he wants. She said there will be an “open door.” Will Tyler take advantage of the new policy?

But when their baby boy Chase Alexander is born, the momentum of their relationship quickly changes — for the worse!

Immediately after Chase is born, Tyler bails and doesn’t even spend the night with Jordan and the baby. In fact, days go by when he doesn’t see or speak to Jordan.

Big surprise… not!

Kelly was right all along to not let Tyler come over because he chose not to anyway! He made excuses and more excuses as to why he couldn’t come see Chase, so ultimately Jordan becomes a single mom with the intent to gain full custody of adorable Chase. Of course, her mother is more than thrilled.

Were you surprised that Tyler and Jordan ended their relationship, leaving her alone with the baby? Or did you expect the dramatic ending?

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Dominique Flowers

Posted at 8:14 PM on March 3, 2014  

I wasnt surprised this didnt work out at all! He would have been a goodd father and so would have his family! Or they wouldnt have allowed her to come live with them let alone aide to her problems! When she talked to them about her mother when they were having issues and the things her mother did she made her out to be a monster! Jordans family means well..I know but they are alittle cray cray.. When her brothers were upstairs cussing at him he cussed back and not only did Jordan get offended (which I dont understand why seeing as how they all had their part even her mom!) Her brothers chased him down like hungry wolves until the head Hyena (her mom) called them to back stay…”HE AINT READY!! HE AINT READY!!” Im sorry buT a majority of white folks ESPECIALLY !! THOSE WHITE FOLKS! Just dont get down like THAT! Now had he been a white guy with a little Jon B swag from Memphis Tennessee, Miami…chances are it may have worked…LOL..They know alittle bit about that side….I loved both families and thought both were Entertaining. ..LOL..however.not surprised..Both families were just TOTAL OPPOSITES!…Like Honey BooBoo and Crew..with atlanta Housewives Crew..Same place but just two different things going on

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Lilly Lola

Posted at 9:16 AM on August 21, 2013  

Jordan and Tyler Howard is black and Zeplin is white.

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Posted at 11:07 AM on May 22, 2013  

Jordan You Need To Go To Your Bf Home And Visit Them. Your Mom Is Brainwash You. Your BF Anf His Families.Care About You. Why Can’t You Two Get A Place To.Live Together And You Will Have Less Drama Issues From Your Mom Then she Will Back Off.more Often.

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Posted at 4:40 PM on October 16, 2012  

I think that the best thing for most of these babies would be to get adopted by lovely parents who are ready and mature enough to raise a baby right. This “family” is dysfunctional and inappropriate to raise a baby in.


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Posted at 11:24 AM on October 9, 2012  

Now the real truth comes out. The mom is mixed and the kids were skipping school. MTV shows what they want to show and not the truth. I dont know any REAL parent who would want there daughter to be with someone who is “obviously” not well kept, sleeping with your 16 yr old daughter, and has parents who allow them to sleep in the same room. As a parent, who doesnt want there daughters child living in there house and who wouldnt be upset with the person who got them pregnant and helps them skip school….I know I would no matter what race they are.

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Posted at 3:31 AM on May 23, 2012  

MTV should drop that black girl and her bipolar mom! Im rooting for Tyler…I’d rather be ugly and white than black and stupid any day! Damn black people running their mouths and don’t even use proper English! I hate that they are going to try to take rhat baby from his dad over color! Out of control! Good luck Tyler and Chase!

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Posted at 1:54 AM on May 16, 2012  

This episode did not end the way I thought it would have. The father was involved and it was only Jordan’s mom who was the problem. She absolutely manipulated the situation to get what she wanted which is to kick Tyler out of Jordan’s life. Throughout the pregnancy she refused to let Tyler in their house, but hmm as soon as they get ballsy and move everything out then she has a total 180 change of heart. That seemed kinda fast and even Tyler was skeptical. I can see how Jordan went along with her mom… I mean it’s her mom and she is way pregnant and it is hard to control your feelings and make rational decisions. So baby is born and Tyler of course doesn’t feel welcome, but totally the mom’s doing. It made me sick that they were even discussing sole custody at the end.. I hope Tyler fights it.

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Posted at 2:19 PM on May 6, 2012  

I always say now that black people always hold it over our heads of us white people being prejudice. But the truth is its the black people who are prejudice. Tylers family excepted her from the beginning so of course she felt comfortable. Jordans whole pregnancy her mom didnt like tyler because of his color so she all the sudden changed her mind please! Even when tylers parents came to visit jordans mom still didnt seem very welcoming when tylers parents were trying to explain on tylers behalf. So thats probably why they all stopped contact. He asked her several times could he take the baby and she said no.I was a teen mom and let me just say that it is every girls dream for their man to treat them how tyler treated jordan. They are very hard to come by this day and age, as you can see by watching teen mom. I really feel sorry for jordan because she does not see that he really loves her. In the beginning of the episode she deffened him saying that he had no friends and he kept to himself and he fell in love with jordan because she talked to him. Well how do you think he feels with a house full of people who made it clear they dont like him because of his color, he propably had alot of anxiety and NO ONE made him feel comforable like the brothers couldnt they have approched tyler and befriended him dispite what their mom thinks HELLO!!!!!!!! Sorry jordan but your mom is stupid I have a daughter and my future husband for her would be tyler i dont care what color he would be or how ugly, he would be someone who puts my daughter first take her shoes off when shes feeling bad or spend all his money on a crib and be her number one supporter. Wake up girl cause the next man will not do those things for you… HAVE YOU NOT WATCHED TEEN MOM BEFORE i want to jump through the tv an smack all the little boys on there……

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Posted at 9:41 AM on May 10, 2012  

Amen!!!!!! Girl you took the words right out of my mouth, her mom is stupid and has brainwashed Jordan from the beginning. The only thing is shes not doing it boldly anymore which she saw at the baby shower upsets Jordan. She us now saying it in such a way that it makes Jordan feel its her idea and so it must be true…. Jordan if you read this, you need to understand just how you were and are young so is Tyler and things set him off as well. You need to wake up and smell the coffee girl, your mom might have money but she does NOT have you and Chase’s best interest at heart. You said yourself Tyler was a loner so why do you think he would easily be able to just accept coming around your mom and family after they publicly made it clear how they felt about him??? Its ok though because trust someine else will know what to do with a man like that since you dont!!!….just stating facts!!!

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Posted at 2:00 PM on May 3, 2012  

This was such a sad episode. Jordan spent the entire pregnancy leading Tyler to believe one thing and then suddenly changed plans. She spent months telling him how much her mom hated him and then got mad when he didn’t feel welcome/safe coming to her house. I hope she’s able to see what she created and lets Tyler back into their son’s life.

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Posted at 2:52 PM on April 28, 2012  

Your right! White people are not welcome in that house. All Tyler had to do was blink and they were ready to jump him. I’d have gone straight to court. And if those brothers of Jordan hurt Tyler than he’d better let the police know it’s a hate crime.

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Posted at 9:44 AM on May 10, 2012  

I’m half black but I agree….they were totally wrong!! He should get a later and take Jordan to court for his son!!

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Posted at 2:15 PM on April 28, 2012  

Um what do you understand as welcome? She is racist against white people, why would any white person want to visit that family? I’d imagine they’d be scared as heck of being attacked or a reminder that “this ain’t no white peoples house!”

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Posted at 9:45 AM on May 10, 2012  


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team me.

Posted at 8:06 PM on May 16, 2012  

am with jordan mom if she didn’t want tyler in her house so what .she pay the bills in that house she can choose who she want in it.when you live with your parents it they way or the highway. it do not matter where the baby stay if he love that child he be there.no matter what. to me he also been brainwash by his parents to.

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