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'Once Upon A Time': August's Identity Is (Sort Of) Revealed

Sun, April 22, 2012 9:18pm EDT by Andy Swift 29 Comments

Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you haven’t watched this week’s ‘Once Upon A Time!’

Kathryn’s (Anastasia Griffith) return to Storybrooke may have proven Mary Margaret’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) innocence, but as we saw on the April 22 episode of Once Upon A Time, it also raised the stakes for everyone in town. Not only are things looking even more bleak for David (Josh Dallas) and Mary Margaret, but Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) are back at each other’s throats: Who exactly is working for who now?

OK, now let’s talk about the really annoying part of tonight’s episode: You know, the part where we were all led to believe August W. Booth (Eion Bailey) was Mr. Gold’s son — until the very end. Apparently after Rumpelstiltskin became drunk with power in the fairy tale world, his son was given a magic bean by the Blue Fairy as a means of escape. But because Once Upon A Time can’t leave a fairy tale un-bastardized, the beanstalk was replaced by a giant glowing wormhole. Rumple’s son went through to the world without magic, while Rumple stayed behind, determined to find a way to get him back.

Back in Storybrooke, we were given a heartfelt reunion between “father and son,” complete with man-hugging and big swelling music. The moment, of course, was spoiled when August tried to use Rumple’s magic knife to control Mr. Gold, which led him to realize that August wasn’t his son at all. It turns out he’s just a sick guy who needed magic to cure him — and he happened to be very well-versed in fairy tales.

And what of Storybrooke’s star-crossed lovers? Despite David practically begging Mary Margaret to take him back, she told him it can’t happen. The moment he believed she killed Kathryn was the moment she stopped seeing a future with him. I might get some hate for saying this, but am I the only one tired of this couple’s whining? I didn’t support them as adulterers, but now that they’re free to go about their business, M.M. still finds a way to screw it up? Get over it, lady. Between the box, the knife, and the fingerprints, you did look really really guilty!

The hour ended with Sidney Glass (Giancarlo Esposito) “confessing” to kidnapping Kathryn, though Emma could tell he was clearly covering for Regina. She was so sure, in fact, that she finally stood up to the mayor and told her she’s taking Henry (Jared Gilmore) back!

It’s about damn time.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you disappointed by the giant fake-out they pulled with August? Do you agree that David and Mary Margaret need to quit their whining? And who do you think Mr. Gold’s son REALLY is? Hit up the comments section with your best theories!

— Andy Swift