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Rihanna’s Overly Sexualized Tweets Are ‘Self-Sabotaging’

Fri, April 20, 2012 9:06pm EDT by 6 Comments

Rihanna has always lived life on the wild side, but lately her tweets have been completely out of control. A life coach tells the pop queen is actually begging for attention through the TMI social media!

Rihanna has no qualms talking about her love for girls, weed and flaunting her body, but are her recent TMI tweets too much? Best-selling New York Times author and life coach Christy Whitman believes the 24-year-old singer’s revealing photos and more are a subconscious plea for even more attention.

“Rihanna is self-sabotaging with her provocative tweets!” Whitman tells us. “Very often when people reach such a high level of fame and fortune, they get lost and start to self-sabotage. She is lost and looking for attention from others to fulfill an empty feeling inside of her.”

Not only has RiRi tweeted photos of a man’s head in her crotch, she also posted pics on Instagram of what appears to be some sort of illegal substance!

“It’s as if she’s getting some sort of high from stirring up the pot with her controversial tweets, especially the latest one of her at Coachella where it looks like she may be using cocaine,” Whitman explains. “With her fame and visibility, Rihanna has a certain responsibility to her fans, especially her younger fans.”

She adds, “I would advise Rihanna to slow down and find some sort of spiritual practice like meditating. She needs to develop a different relationship with herself. Right now she is not grounded or balanced. She needs to figure out how she can get grounded in her true power instead of escaping with cheap thrills.”

In fact, Whitman is nervous the pop icon will burn out and potentially hurt herself in the process if she stays on this fast track. “Rihanna is not invincible and she needs to take care of herself, something that she really isn’t doing a good job of right now!” she says.

What do you think of Rihanna’s behavior of late? Is she just partying like a rock star or is she taking it too far?

Reporting by Sandra Clark

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