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'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon & Elena Finally [Spoiler]

Thu, April 19, 2012 9:30pm EDT by Andy Swift 135 Comments

The moment many fans have waited for finally arrived — again! Was it everything you dreamed it would be?

The April 19 episode of The Vampire Diaries was about a lot of things: Damon (Ian Somerhalder) figuring out which vampire bloodline he came from, Stefan (Paul Wesley) getting Alaric (Matt Davis) to reveal the location of the remaining White Oak stake, and Rebekah (Claire Holt) helping to unveil the real enemy in Mystic Falls. But let’s be real for a minute. This week’s big return episode was mostly about one thing, and one thing only…

Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev) finally gave into temptation — again — and ravaged each other’s faces during a trip to a motel, which was ironically Stefan’s idea. First came pillow talk, then hand holding, then a full-on make-out sesh outside by the vending machines. And as glad as we all were to see Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) back on the show, I feel like a good chunk of the viewers were not happy when he interrupted all the “Delena” merriment.

Jeremy was tagging along to serve as a liason between Damon and the ghosts, beginning with Rose (Lauren Cohan), who turned out to be the biggest “Delena” shipper this fandom has ever seen. During the car ride home, Rose literally spelled out the pros and cons of each pairing to Jeremy. “Damon challenges” Elena, while “Stefan’s love is pure and he will always be right for her.” Still, she admitted she’s “rooting” for Damon and Elena.

Back in Mystic Falls, things were just as crazy — but not quite as sexy. Stefan spent the hour playing mind games with both of Alaric’s split personalities until he finally revealed that the remaining stake is located in the no-vampires-allowed cave. This seemed like a good thing for Alaric, until Rebekah crossed the threshold and entered the cave because — wait for it — she’s now being possessed by dead Esther’s spirit!

Dun! Dun! Dun!

Before she became all kinds of possessed, however, Rebekah shared a weird little moment with Matt (Zach Roerig), who remains the pinnacle of all things gentlemanly in Mystic Falls. She fed him a sob story about how she could plan the entire decades dance at school, but would then have to compel someone to go with her because she’s so unlovable. If I’m being honest, I don’t even have the tiniest bit of sympathy for her. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the Originals, it’s that as soon as you let your guard down, they kill you. Or try to steal your girlfriend. Either way, no sympathy from me.

On a lighter note, this week’s episode also marked Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) painstakingly long-awaited return to Mystic Falls, which was met by one of the most blessed “Forwood” scenes yet. Even though we’d already seen the beginning of Tyler’s reunion with Caroline (Candice Accola) on KTLA this morning, we were not privy to the hot cave sex that followed it. (Side note: I wonder if they found a fun way to use Tyler’s werewolf chains. I would.)

Yes, all seemed to going well for Caroline and Tyler… until he found Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) twisted horsey drawing in her bedroom! That’s when Tyler truly transformed, and I mean into something far more destructive than a werewolf, or even a hybrid. Tyler transformed into a jealous boyfriend — and we all know what a great temper that guy has.

OK, now that we’ve thoroughly dissected the goings-on of Mystic Falls finest, let’s break down this week’s “Delena” and “Stelena” moments to figure out which shippers won this battle:

  1. I’m really not saying this as a “Delena” shipper — because I am making a conscious effort to be more open minded — but I didn’t feel like this week’s episode had any solid “Stelena” moments. Stefan and Elena had minimal interaction before she took off on the road trip with Damon, which immediately changed the direction of the episode to being all about “Delena.”
    Feel free to prove me wrong, though.
  2. TOTAL: 0 points
  1. Elena doesn’t deny having “unresolved feelings” for Damon. (+5 points)
  2. Elena rolls her eyes when Damon tells Rose he knows she’s “obsessed” with him. (-2.5 points)
  3. Damon and Elena hold hands in bed. (+20 points)
  4. Damon and Elena ravage each other’s faces. (+60 points)
  5. Damon risks his life against Kol to save Elena (+10 points)
  6. TOTAL: 92.5 points

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you satisfied with Damon and Elena’s make-out sesh, or did you want more? Do you support a potential Matt-Rebekah pairing? And which characters are you MOST worried about surviving the rest of the season? Hit up the comments section with your thoughts on the night — and what’s to come!

— Andy Swift