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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are The Most Passionately In Love Couple In Hollywood

Wed, April 18, 2012 7:42pm EDT by 36 Comments
Justin Bieber love

Don’t be a disbelieber! Justin and Selena’s romance is hotter and stronger than ever, confirms body language expert Lillian Glass. In fact they’re so in love – they could be forever.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez weren’t just kissing and hand- holding on a date at the Lakers game in Los Angeles on April 17. No, body language expert, Lillian Glass, points out how incredibly in synch they are in photographs.

“Their kiss is in synch and shows passion between them. The hand -holding while they kiss shows how strongly they both feel towards each other,” explains Dr. Glass.

She also points out that in the photos, when Selena pulls away from Justin, he comes forward and when Justin pulls away, Selena comes forward. “This indicates that they have a playfulness between them,” says Dr. Glass.

Then there’s the photo in which Justin’s foot is up, and Dr. Glass explains that when Justin shows the sole of his foot, it means that he’s really happy.

Now, think about it HollywoodLifers this pair has been dating for over a year, they’re both HUGE celebrities with non-stop demands on their time. Plus, Justin has female fans throwing themselves at him on a daily basis.

Yet despite all that – Justin only has eyes for Selena. He’s never once responded to a flirty fan. And just as amazing – neither has allowed any ego to get in the way of their having a totally down-to-earth and normal loving teenage relationship.

They have gobs of money and can travel across America and even continents in order to spend time together – which they’ve done multiple times – but when they’re together neither needs money or fancy surroundings to simply enjoy each other’s company.

The pair went for a picnic with Subway sandwiches just last week. They also took in a movie, American Reunion, with friends, hit Panera Bread for lunch one day, and even went to a Chick-fil-A drive thru together.

The fact that they don’t demand expensive displays of affection from each other, and prefer to do normal down-to-earth things together, just shows how happy they are sharing their time, their thoughts and their feelings with each other. And that’s what’s really important in a loving and lasting relationship. Not $2 million diamond rings.

Justin has said that he believes in treating girlfriends like “princesses” and that’s exactly what he does with Selena. The fact that he chose to name and make his new single about being a good boyfriend, shows again very publicly how passionately he feels about his own love – Selena. He may not say her name – but he was clearly inspired by her.

Selena, on her side, was positively buzzing with excitement about meeting Justin for a date after her DWTS performance on April, 17.

This pair is doing everything right and avoiding all the pitfalls that have befallen so many Hollywood love affairs. They’re in synch, they’re passionate about each other and they’re far more obsessed with each other, than with unimportant material trappings.

They’re supportive about each other’s careers – not competitive. And in the long run – that will also ensure that their love will last!

Bonnie Fuller



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