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'Fashion Star' Recap: Designers Step Outside Their Comfort Zone

Wed, April 18, 2012 11:53am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments
Fashion Star Recap

The show’s stylist, Daniel Musto, recapped last night’s episode giving us an insiders look at . Read his recap right here!

Think outside of the box. What would you do if asked to step outside of your comfort zone? Well, tonight I am just coming in from a Levi’s event featuring Snoop Dogg as the DJ and host of the night. Intimate crowd, amazing night. Not my typical Tuesday evening, but definitely worth venturing out. On tonight’s Fashion Star, some of the contestants got the same excitement while exploring the unexplored.

On episode six of the show, the contestants were told to move outside of their comfort zones by proving their versatility with something they haven’t done before. The show started with an exciting look backstage as Ross showed his gratitude toward Julianne Kaye, with Maybelline, while explaining what he was doing this episode.

Luciana is the queen of high quality, structured merchandise, and she chose to do cropped jackets. Looking sexy in hot pink, Jessica Simpson was confident that Little Miss Luciana would carry out a quality runway show. With my help, we put together a sophisticated, yet young and casual, presentation.

Ross Bennett was instructed to do something that he knew nothing about, while he thought it was risky enough to design menswear this episode. Nicole Richie claimed that she would rather see him design “stripper clothes” than clothes for guys. When consulting with Ross about his project this episode, he was really excited to fill me in on his new adventure: lingerie!

I knew that the possibility of a designer’s first lingerie collection looking extremely cheap was extremely possible. With that notion, I called Giusseppe Zanotti for satin peep-toe heels, knowing that they would heighten the class-level of the looks. Luckily, upon completion of the bra-panty combos, I was impressed by the quality. In the end, the heels paired with the high-quality garments made for a stunning presentation.

Salette, one of the amazing girls who works with me, was sent out on the town to find red ostrich feather fans for the burlesque dance performance. She always performs above and beyond anyone’s expectations and proved herself to be an overachiever with the cherry-red fans used in the number.

Alongside Ross’ lingerie, Luciana’s jackets proved to be a hit with a duel bidding war between Macy’s and Saks. All smiles, Luciana looked proud for the first time this season. How much do you love her accent?

Nikki Poulos designed men’s summer bottoms, Nzimiro came out with rad women’s bohemian dresses, while Sarah Parrot whipped up some bikinis.

All impressive, I had the most fun styling the looks for Sarah’s swimwear. It is ALWAYS a challenge finding heels for a swimwear runway show that enhances the legs of the models while adding jewelry that doesn’t cheapen the look. Nzimiro landed H+M with womenswear. He killed it on all levels.

Barbara Bates shot for a youthful bohemian dress, which was definitely out of her “30+ box.” She struggled to get past her design issues while Nikki found a few laughs while designing her men’s pants. She wanted her male customer to get “laid” in her stuff. I agreed and used that vision in the styling as well.

Orly wanted to do a “two-fer” again which is her specialty, but Jessica Simpson didn’t think it would work as something “different” for her. As fun as it was to style the three jackets with hidden surprises underneath, I can see what the team was saying. Alongside Orly, Kara designed floor-length dresses and greatly impressed the mentors. They were rooting for her, as they felt she was creating a true brand that stood for something. (How much do I love Kara’s emotions being full throttle all the time?)

Orly didn’t nab any buys this week, but Kara shot straight to the top at Saks with a hundred thousand dollar offer.

With Barbara, Nikki, Orly, and Sarah in the bottom four, the mentors got to save one of them. Nikki got pulled from the trenches, as Nicole claimed that she was one of the mentors’ favorites, although she wasn’t a favorite of the buyers. They truly believed in her Australian spirit and Disco designs.

In the end, Barbara Bates won’t find herself competing anything farther in our competition. She was confident to find extreme luck in her future endeavors as a mature women’s designer.

Daniel Musto

  • For more Daniel Musto, visit his website here and be sure to follow him on twitter, @danielrmusto.
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  • Fashion Star airs on Tuesdays at 10PM on NBC and can also be seen on the show’s website.