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'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Alex & Arabella Are Abandoned By Matt

Wed, April 18, 2012 1:05am EDT by 21 Comments
16 & Pregnant Recap

Poor Alex had to raise a baby, work two jobs and attend school with no support from her ‘dead beat’ baby daddy Matt!

The April 17 episode of 16 & Pregnant introduced us to a high school couple from Neffs, Penn., who fell in love two years before getting pregnant — but Alex Sekella and Matt McCann didn’t realize how difficult raising a baby would be. Matt agreed with Alex’s mom, Wendy, that adoption was the best option, but Alex didn’t think she’d be able to give up her baby girl once she is born.

Matt was pretty irresponsible — and on probation — while Alex worked two jobs, one at a fast food restaurant and the other giving children dance lessons. She was working part-time for minimum wage and walked a mile to work!

Alex told her friends that getting pregnant was an “oopsie kinda thing” and the cost of Plan B was too much — even though it’s only $50!

Along with her constantly disappearing boyfriend, Alex had to make decisions regarding the baby by herself. If she kept the baby, she would have to move out her mother’s house; or she had to resort to adoption, which she did not want to do.

“Adoption is a good option, but my heart says no,” Alex said.

Just when Alex didn’t think she had any other option, she received an opportunity to give the baby up, but still have close contact with her! Her friend Brianna‘s parents, Michelle and Darren, offered to adopt Alex’s baby. They told her they wanted to step in and help, but added that they really wanted her to be present.

Matt thought it would give their baby better opportunities to give her up, and with the baby being so close, they could still be in her life — but Alex didn’t think she could be that close to the baby, while other people raise her.

Brianna’s parents mentioned a room for rent next door that Alex could stay in and pay rent in order to be close to the baby. Alex decided immediately to move in — and that day, she went into labor! After contractions, an epidural, 18 hours of labor and, shockingly, Matt by her side the entire time, Arabella Elizabeth was born. So cute!

The new parents fell in love with the baby instantly, but were still undecided on whether they are giving the baby to Brianna’s parents or bringing her home.

They sadly broke the news to Michelle and Darren, and decided to keep baby Arabella.

Unsurprisingly, Matt eventually stopped showing up to visit the baby. Weeks later, Alex realized how hard it was to pay rent and support her baby, so her mother allowed her to come home.

Slowly but surely, some better things started happening for Alex. Her grandfather gave her a working car and she signed up for cyber school to stay home and take care of Arabella.

Alex was having a tough time raising and supporting her without Matt, then finally came to her senses and said she didn’t want him near their daughter ever again. He showed no emotion and walked away!

Alex continued juggling work, school and parenting, but insists her dream of owning her own dance studio is not out of reach.

“I don’t want to throw it out the window just because I had a baby,” she insists.

HollywoodLifers, what did YOU think of the episode?

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