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Women Are Freezing Their Ovaries — New Birth Control Method?

Tue, April 17, 2012 10:35am EDT by 4 Comments
Freezing Ovarian Tissue

It is now possible to delay motherhood by freezing your ovaries to use in the future! What do you think of this shocking procedure?

Nineteen babies have been born worldwide from moms who froze their ovaries and had them re-implanted years later. The procedure is only available in a few countries — including the U.S.!

Typically, the ovaries are put into a bank when a woman is in her twenties and thirties, when she is most fertile.

The procedure involves extracting ovarian tissue from one of the two ovaries containing about 60,000 eggs, The Daily Mail reports. They are then stored in liquid nitrogen in frigid temperatures. The freezing could cost as much as $25,000.

Women that have been successful and followed through with the procedure have been cancer patients. They wanted to preserve their eggs in case chemotherapy damaged the tissue.

The method has a higher success rate than In Vitro Fertilization, and can potentially produce thousands of eggs against a maximum of 12 normally produced through egg freezing.

HollyMoms, What do you think about freezing your ovaries? Would you do it?
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