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Jenelle Evans Needs To Stop Allegedly Cutting Or She Could Lose Jace Forever

Mon, April 16, 2012 6:02pm EDT by 3 Comments
Jenelle Evans Cutting

Jenelle needs to seek treatment for her self-destructive behavior — or else she’ll never regain custody of her son!

Jenelle Evans’ longtime friend Tori Rhyne opened up about the reality star’s ongoing battle with self-mutilation earlier today. Though it’s unclear if Jenelle is still engaging in self-destructive behavior, one thing is for certain — these sort of issues are not going to help the Teen Mom star regain custody of her son.

Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, currently has legal control of her son Jace, though the MTV wild child has expressed interest in regaining custody. If Jenelle is going to overcome her self-harming behavior, she first needs to understand what caused it.

“Often people self-injure when the emotional pain gets to be so bad that the physical pain becomes easier to cope with,” said Lori Vann, a licensed professional counselor supervisor in Dallas tells “Other people self injure because they feel like everything else around them is out of control, but they have control over what they do to their bodies.”

Though cutting is a very serious behavioral issue, it is completely treatable through either in-patient or out-patient therapy. “People get past cutting all the time,” reveals Dr. Jeff Gardere, the assistant clinical professor Touro College of Osteopathic medicine. “There are specialists who deal with self-mutilation and they use cognitive behavior therapy to discuss what’s going on.”

Often individuals that engage in self-destructive behavior are battling depression or feel the need to exercise control over their lives. “Maybe Jenelle feels like when she’s fighting with her parents she needs to assert control,” explains Dr. Gardere.

When Jenelle would show up wearing bandages, her friend Tori admitted she’d “slap her cuts that she had on her wrist,” adding, “I know when I did that it was gonna hurt her a little bit.” While that sort of reaction is understandable, Lori says that’s not the best approach to follow. “Responding to an injurer with anger, sadness or trying to guilt trip them is completely the wrong thing to do. Those kind of tactics will only cause them to continue to self-injure because it reinforces their negative self image.”

Do YOU think Jenelle should seek treatment, HollywoodLifers?

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