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'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Lindsey Forced To Give Up Cage Fighting

Wed, April 11, 2012 1:41am EDT by 2 Comments

Already working 6 a.m. shift and attending school full-time, poor Lindsey has to handle everything for her new baby on her own; her baby daddy doesn’t want to get a job!

Lindsey Harrison‘s story aired April 10, and while it wasn’t the saddest or most dramatic episode of 16 & Pregnant this season, it was definitely unusual! It was her dream to become a professional cage fighter and police detective — until she got pregnant. Then, the biggest obstacle she faced was convincing her boyfriend and daughter’s father, Forest, to get a job!

Lindsey lived in eno, Nevada, with her mother Lonita in a small house; she had planned to move in with Forest at his house after their daughter, Aniyah, was born. Of course, the on-again-off-again couple didn’t even speak for a few months when Forest first found out Lindsey was pregnant. In fact, He wanted her to get an abortion — and so did Lindsey’s mother!

“I thought you were trying to tie me down,” Forest told Lindsey.

But after Forest got used to the idea of having baby, he and Lindsey vowed to stay a “strong family” and live together to keep their daughter’s life stable.

That’s when the expenses of a baby set in for Lindsey: She urged Forest to find a job, but his mother, Dora, demanded he stay in school and then find a job. She believed it will be too difficult to juggle the two! (Umm, hello?! Lindsey worked, went to school and was about to pop!)

More issues arose for Lindsey when she began to feel contractions and was admitted to the hospital — with 61 days left before her due date! And she had was her mom, because Forest didn’t answer any of her phone calls!

Nervous that she might go into pre-term labor, a nurse administered a steroid shot to develop Aniyah’s maturing lungs if she were to be born before 36 weeks.

Still no word from Forest, Lindsey’s older sister Dallas picked her up from the hospital. In the car, she told Lindsey, “I think you shouldn’t be with him at all.” She adds: “He doesn’t appreciate you!”

Now constricted to bed rest, Lindsey had to go to school online and couldn’t go to work. (Big issue!) And still no call from Forest.

Her cage-fighting memories began after she tried on her boxing gloves. She realized how much she’d given up, and how much she missed her old life. Thankfully, Forest texted Lindsey, saying, “I would like us to move in wit eachother nd be a family.”

It was hard for Lindsey to ignore, so once again, they vowed to make things work for their future family!

At 36 weeks, Lindsey’s water broke, and 5 hours later, Aniyah Monroe was born! Lindsey and Forest’s daughter arrived Oct. 13, 2011, at 5 pounds and 4 ounces.

The pressure was building up for Lonita, who decided her daughter needed to step up and be an adult. She didn’t like that Lindsey would be moving in with Forest, so she walked out of the hospital, leaving them on non-speaking terms.

Days later, the mother-daughter duo decide to make things right. Apologies were exchanged and Lonita took Lindsey to see her cage-fighting trainer, Rick, who was a father figure to her.

She admitted why she left training after she got pregnant, and she promised Rick she would get back into shape and fulfill her goal of being a professional cage fighter!

Lindsey’s episode ended with her honest words: “I just wish I would have waited.”

What did YOU think about Lindsey’s story, HollywoodLifers?

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