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Jennifer Love Hewitt Admits To Wearing Vanilla Extract To Attract Men

Tue, April 10, 2012 11:44am EDT by 3 Comments

Want to smell like vanilla? Great! Vanilla is a fabulous scent — just don’t go applying cooking ingredients to your skin.

Jennifer Love Hewitt better make sure the extract doesn’t spill in her purse! “I carry McCormick’s Pure Vanilla — the baking kind — and dab it on my neck,” she tells Us Weekly. “Men are attracted to the scent! One time, I put it on and four different guys were like, ‘You smell amazing!'” Yes, vanilla does smell great, but the idea of applying the sticky, dark liquid to your skin and toting it in your bag sounds rather unappealing. While that may work for Jennifer, find out how YOU can smell deliciously like vanilla without applying cooking ingredients to your skin.

LAVANILA Laboratories make intoxicatingly wonderful vanilla-scented fragrances. Need something purse-sized like Jennifer? They make convenient roll-on versions of their signature vanilla scents that will fit in the palm of your hands, but because the roll-ons are made of oil, the scents are highly saturated and will last for months!

Do you think the scent of vanilla really attracts men?

Eden Univer