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'American Idol' Recap: Was Skylar Laine That Good, Or Was Everyone Else That Bad

Thu, April 5, 2012 2:47am EDT by Russ Weakland 33 Comments

With the Top 8 given the opportunity to sing the songs of the eighties, many songs could have been chosen but most of the hopefuls picked horrible songs and didn’t perform much better. Which helped Skylar Laine have a breakout performance, or was it just the best of the bad?

When the hopefuls get to pick their songs each week I am convinced they have zero taste in music. There are so many legendary 80’s songs that could have been picked and a majority of the songs that were picked didn’t live up to the potential of what could have been. Where was Journey? Where was Madonna? I know we are a few days past but the April 4 performance show was border line April Fool’s Day in how the performances ended up sounding. Yikes!

Deandre Brackensick: Deandre chose ‘I Like It’ by DeBarge which his voice actually made the song listenable. But would it have killed him to do a song that people actually know? And if you do know the song, you’ll certainly admit that it shouldn’t have been his first selection. He should be safe for another week, but he really has to start picking up the pace to have any chance in the finals. Mark my words, he’ll be voted off the show within two weeks. Please do us all a favor Deandre, sing a song that we can sing along with you and have us enjoy the ride. Jennifer Lopez said that the way he moved his hair was very natural. Think about how stupid of a compliment that is, he needs to step it up!

Elise Testone: Elise sang ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner which is a spectacular song. When I heard the song I almost thought it would have been a great song for Deandre to try out because Elise actually made a wonderful song terrible. She certainly will be in the bottom three and may possibly be voted off the show. She has had a rough road of ups and downs and this just might be the nail in the coffin. Should be interesting to see if the judges would use the save on her. It might be a sleepless night for her tonight.

Phillip Phillips: Phillip sang ‘That’s All’ by Genesis which is great song but I thought he should have chose a solo song by Phil Collins instead that would show something different from Phillip. I get the fact that he is his own person, but he does the same thing every week. Its really getting stale, plus the judges will not give him bad remarks as he is a fan favorite. The judges need to judge and tell Phillip to mix it up a little bit. We want to be kept guessing, not watching the same thing over and over. Would you really want to see a two hour show of the same song? Regardless he’ll be safe for now but he needs to give us something different, hopefully that will start next week.

Joshua Ledet: Joshua chose ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’ by Simply Red which was a song that is in his wheel house. The judges loved it but he complained that he didn’t really know any 80’s songs so it was hard this week for him to find the right song. This is his excuse every week. He is a bit cocky for his own good which you need as a singer but I think it will bite him in a few weeks when he is voted off.

Jessica Sanchez: Jessica chose ‘How Will I Know’ by Whitney Houston and she is trying to sell us her alter ego BBCHEZ who apparently is just like Beyonce. Last time I checked, Beyonce moves around on stage and not like a zombie like Jessica Sanchez showed tonight. If BBCHEZ is her alter ego and anyone says its just like Beyonce they need their head examined. I think she should retire BBCHEZ because that alter ego is a pitchy robot. I understand that she is currently a favorite and may even get to the finals but she will have the same fate as she had when she was on America’s Got Talent and that is not winning the show. Just wait and see.

Hollie Cavanagh: Hollie chose ‘Flashdance, What A Feeling’ and looked amazing in that dress they had for her but it was all over the place in her performance. She actually would have fared much better with Jessica’s song. The judges mentioned she thinks about her performance and doesn’t really let it all go. I couldn’t agree more. She will be in the bottom three and possibly may be in trouble going home. Its too bad No Doubt wasn’t big in the 80’s as it would suit Hollie much better. She needs to mix it up and maybe even do a song done by a guy. It could work wonders for her.

Colton Dixon: He sang ‘Time After Time’ by Cyndi Lauper and looked like Kate Gosselin doing it. Just look at that hairdo. He is a solid performer and the most consistent of the bunch which should help matters but he should really pick an epic song to showcase his complete talents next week. This performance would have been a home run if he stayed still and added more emotion to it. But he walked around and looked like a deer in headlights singing to everyone but us. He will be safe, he will do better. Tonight was a 7 out of 10.

Skylar Laine: Skylar went out of her comfort zone and it worked. Helped by a lackluster set of performances before her, she took the stage and sang the iconic ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’. It was nice to see her get out of the country thing for a week and give us something different. Which every Idol hopeful should do in their journey. It makes things that much better when they show range. She bought herself some more time in the competition and gave herself a opportunity to stretch herself as the show goes on. She may pull off being third place this year.

So HollywoodLifers, Who did the best? Who is in your bottom three? Sound off below!

Russ Weakland