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'True Blood' Season 5 Scoop: Prepare For 'Revamped' Fairies

Tue, April 3, 2012 3:22pm EDT by Andy Swift 19 Comments

Bon Temps’ newest magical resident tells that season five will teach viewers ‘more about what it means to be a fairy.’

The brand-new trailer for the fifth season of True Blood promises plenty of vampire, werewolf and shifter action — but what about Bon Temps’ fruit-filled population? Don’t you worry; not only will fairies play a major part in the new season this June, but has learned “they’re not like they were in any previous season.”

“It’s so incredible,” newbie fairy Camilla Luddington tells me. “I remember getting to set and being really blown away by what they’ve done this season, especially with the fairies. … I’m excited for people to see the re-vamped version of the fairies.”

Camilla plays Claudette, whose sister Claudine served as Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) fairy godmother before she was attacked and drained by an amnesic Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard).

Though Camilla can’t say too much about how the fairies have been altered, she can reveal that Claudette works closely with Sookie and Jason (Ryan Kwanten). Is it possible Jason will be getting in touch with his fairy side this season too? Camilla says the audience will “learn more about what it means to be a fairy” in season five, so anything’s possible!

As for her own fairy powers, Camilla says she’s been having a blast — awful pun intended — figuring out the ins-and-outs of Claudette’s magical abilities.

“So far, all I have is that big — I don’t even know what to call it — the light that comes out of my hand,” she says. “I’ve gotten to use that, which was actually very exciting. They’re very specific about how you use your hand to execute that light. I was just kind of lifting my hands up, and they were like, ‘No, you’re not going to get any light out of that.’ So I had light practice.”

But hey, practice makes perfect!

“Between rehearsals, I definitely had a go of it in the mirror — and I’m sure I looked absolutely ridiculous,” Camilla admits. “But I had fun trying. I was like, ‘I have the weirdest job in the world.'”

Truebies, how do YOU think the fairies will be ‘different’ in season five? And which cliffhanger from season four are you most concerned about? Drop me a comment with your best theories, because waiting sucks a little less when all do it together!

— Andy Swift

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