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Karl Lagerfeld Apologies To Adele By Sending Her Chanel Bags

Tue, April 3, 2012 3:08pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments
Karl Lagerfeld Adele Fat Comments Apology

New reports claim that Karl felt so bad for calling the talented, Grammy-winning singer ‘a little too fat,’ that he sent over a slew of his best bags. Sources say Karl also wants to work with Adele in the future!

Karl Lagerfeld angered many when he came out and called Adele, “a little too fat,” to Paris Metro, but since then he has apologized saying the quotes were taken out of context, saying he’s actually the singer’s “biggest admirer.” In the latest installment in the Karl/Adele drama, a new report in UK tabloid The Sun says Karl went a step further, really wanting Adele to know he was so sorry. So, how did he do it? By sending her over a slew of Chanel bags, of course!

According to the latest report, a ‘close source’ says, “[Karl] told his team to send Adele the best the fashion house have to offer after hearing she collected bags. He said he really wanted to make it up to her so they could maybe work together in the future.He could see her fronting a campaign for Chanel Mademoiselle bags when the contract with Blake Lively ends.”

While the common person would be overjoyed to receive “the best the fashion house has to offer,” six-time Grammy winner Adele might not be all that impressed — although if true, it’s definitely a bold gesture!

Could this really mean we might see Adele for Chanel? If it is, in fact true, do you think Adele should work with Karl despite his comments?

I’m interested in seeing how this pans out, and I think Adele should definitely team up with a fashion house — but should it be Chanel? What do you think?

Katrina Mitzeliotis