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Khloe Kardashian: Lamar Odom's In Agony After Being Traded: You Must Put Him First!

Mon, April 2, 2012 10:17am EDT by HL Intern 9 Comments
Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

Khloe — Lamar’s total heartbreak after being traded away from his beloved Lakers was revealed on Khloe & Lamar last night. You can’t endanger his NBA career any futher with reality TV!

Khloe – I’m amazed by how open Lamar was to your Khloe & Lamar TV cameras, allowing them to record his devastation after being traded from the Lakers, the team he loved. “There’s no life like leading a Laker’s life,” he sadly admitted, while being honest about how humiliated he felt to no longer be wanted by his LA team. “Of course I don’t want to be on a team that doesn’t want me,” he confessed , his voice choking up.

What we’ve learned watching Khloe & Lamar is that this huge (in more ways than one) basketball star , 32, is actually a SUPER SWEET and sensitive guy. Khloe, you’re so right when you said on last night’s , April ,1 show that “Lamar is so passionately emotional. He wears his heart on his sleeve.”

It’s true – he does. We’ve learned that Lamar was, in his own words, “just thrown out there to the wolves after my grandmother died” and that he wasn’t raised to be a “loner” but to be “on my own.”

It’s because of his lonely upbringing that he was so hurt when Rob Kardashian moved out of Khloe and Lamar’s house, and he felt rejected. Lamar really values that closeness of now having a “little brother” in Rob.

He’s also been honest about how much he loves Khloe…and not just sexually. “With Khloe, it goes beyond lovemaking, as far as compatibility, what we mean to each other, being friends,” he told the cameras on a previous episode.

So it’s not surprising that Lamar would be just as sensitive about being traded. It goes to the very heart of his identity, Khloe – he was a Laker ever since he was 25. And for Lamar, it was a huge ego-boosting career, but the Lakers were also clearly a centering surrogate family to a man who grew up as an only child without a family.

Lamar was literally biting his nails on the show when the trade rumors were swirling. “It doesn’t always mean you’re not wanted,” he said, clearly worried that he wasn’t in fact, wanted anymore.

Khloe, you understand how awful it was for both you and Lamar when you HAD to go on a business trip, at exactly the time that Lamar was traded – “It sucks that I have to go to New York tomorrow, ” you confided to the camera. ” I don’t want to leave Lamar at such a vulnerable time,” you admitted. “I feel so guilty that I’m not there to be with him right now,” you said.

And that was completely understandable. Of course you felt terrible.

But now you have to be a Mama Bear about Lamar and his NBA career – SUPER PROTECTIVE!

You have to do whatever it takes to enable Lamar to succeed as a Dallas Maverick! His career, eg. his self esteem, and his sense of manliness are all at stake. Overnight, he had to pack up and leave the Lakers, LA and you – all the things he loved and move to Dallas, to prove himself – all over again. “If I got traded tonight, I leave tomorrow, they don’t give you time to pack, you got to play,” he had explained to you.

You really have to put his needs as an NBA player first. As his wife and best friend, you have to let him focus on playing, not on filming a reality show. We know you love him, but you need to show it in the most important way possible.

If he wants out of your show, re-watch “The Trade” episode, and let him go!

— Bonnie Fuller

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