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Katy Perry Is The Ultimate Breakup Role Model

Mon, April 2, 2012 2:11pm EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments
Katy Perry Kids Choice

Breaking up is hard to do but Katy just proved that you can look totally hot and empowered while doing it!

Katy Perry, you are a total badass! Not only did you look fierce when you walked the orange carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on April 1 but you gave another jaw-dropping performance. Don’t take offense, but your best performances have been post your Russell Brand breakup — I think I’m on to something.

You might not want to admit that “Part of Me” has anything to do with Russell, and you claim it was written years ago before the breakup. But the song has taken on new meaning and has become an anthem for all the jilted girls all over the world. Not only do the lyrics immediately energize any broken hearted girl, but your live performances of this song are amazing.

When you took the stage at the Kids’ Choice Awards to sing your hit single, you embodied your new powerful persona by wearing armor — tip of the hat for that. Next, the entire scene was a British feast and let’s be real, Russell hails from the UK. Your shield was in the shape of a diamond ring — alluding to your engagement ring perhaps? Lastly, a guy gets a pie in his face at the end — every girl was hoping that was directed at Russell. Plus, who wouldn’t love to smash a pie in any of their exes faces? I know I would!

Whether or not you’ll ever admit that you think about your jerk ex-husband when singing this song, you empower women everywhere and I thank you for that. You have just proved that breaking up can rejuvenate, clarify and give a total makeover to one’s life. It almost makes breaking up seem fun! Granted, I know you’ve had a difficult time with this divorce because no one goes into marriage thinking they’ll get a divorce.

Katy, you might not realize it, but you’ve just shown that you can flip the script in any situation. You’ve taken the negative energy surrounding a breakup and turned it into worldwide success. There’s no doubt that Russell is kicking himself for losing such a super talented and total badass like yourself!

So for all you girls crying over a guy who totally stomped on their heart, follow Katy’s lead!

— Chloe Melas

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