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'Gossip Girl' Recap: Dan & Blair Finally Get Alone Time

Mon, April 2, 2012 10:11pm EDT by 52 Comments

Dan and Blair have sex for the first time, Serena gives a try at being Gossip Girl and a secret from Chuck’s near-death experience is revealed on the April 2 episode of ‘Gossip Girl.’

All I have to say is either Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester) are big fat drama queens or the sex was truly just indescribably awful. If the latter was the case, why they’d even go back to each other is beyond me.

After a month hiatus of our beloved CW drama opera, Blair and Dan finally had the chance to do what they’ve been waiting for so long to do — have sex. But of course, the big event didn’t live up to their expectations. The two finally got it on in Dan’s Brooklyn loft (classy B) and quickly left in disappointment. This led  the two to get very drunk on their own and doubt their relationship — and in this moment Chair fans, like myself, felt a glimmer of hope. But alcohol, Dorota’s advice and an elevator ride eventually made everything better for the two.

I must say, I don’t even know WHO Blair Waldorf is anymore! Williamsburg, elevator sex and vodka drinking? She’s out of control.

And here are my ‘OMG’ moments:

#1 Dan and Blair make up

Blair decided to give sex another try with Dan after confiding in Dorota over a drink of vodka. Dorota said Blair needed to be honest with Dan and tell him the sex was terrible — which  she did, drunkenly as they headed up in the elevator to Ivy’s ( Kaylee Defer) party that she was hosting in memory of Cece. Blair stopped the elevator mid-ride and well, took Dan for a ride. Consider it a success since they later ended up doing it later in an alley in Williamsburg.

#2 Serena Is Gossip Girl

While Georgina (Michelle Tractenberg) is out fixing Blair’s annulment, she handed over the Gossip Girl reins to Serena (Blake Lively). But it doesn’t look like she’ll be gossiping for long, since she just received a message from the original GG. I hope she’s not a fraud, because we all know the real GG needs to come back pronto! The Upper East Side is frankly falling apart without her.

#3 Jack Bass Didn’t Give Blood To Chuck

When Chuck (Ed Westwick) was on his death bed after the car crash, his evil uncle Jack allegedly gave him blood to survive. But tonight we learned that Jack has hepatitis c — and Chuck thankfully does not — so there’s no way Jack did the blood transfusion. Jack told Chuck that it was his “mother” Elizabeth — who has already denied being his mother — but I think he’s just saying that. Could it be, possibly, that Chuck’s dad Bart Bass is still alive??

#4 The Van Der Woodsens May Get Their Home Back

Currently, Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) are residing in Brooklyn while Ivy occupies their UES nest, but that’s about to change. Ivy clearly didn’t do her homework on what it takes to be a beneficiary because she’s already broken some rules, which are about to get her serious legal trouble.

Overall, I’m just ready for the real GG to come back. I feel like she’ll shed sane light on all this UES madness!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Did you like tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl? Sound off in your comments below.

— Nicole Karlis

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