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One In Ten Children Severely Affected By Autism Outgrow Symptoms

Mon, April 2, 2012 5:05pm EDT by 1 Comment
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A new study in American Journal Pediatrics shows children from higher socio-economical backgrounds benefit because of better quality care!

Researchers have begun to call some children with autism “bloomers” — kids who start off with severe symptoms and can outgrow most of them by 8 years old. Even though there is growth, many continue to show the classic symptom of autism: The inclination to rock back and forth, according to The Daily Mail.

Christine Fountain, study researcher and postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University, says “the biggest improvers may have benefited because their parents were able to afford access to better quality treatment.” Research found “bloomers” tend to come from wealthier families and white mothers.

‘These socio-economic disparities suggest that equal access to early interventions and services for less advantaged children is going to be really vital,” she adds.

—Giovanna Pagliarulo


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