'Mob Wives': Renee Graziano Breaks Down Over Junior's Betrayal

Sun, April 1, 2012 11:23pm EST by 7 Comments

This week’s ‘Mob Wives’ took viewers on an emotional roller coaster, as Renee coped with losing two of the most important men in her life, only to learn the love of her life ratted on her father. Could you believe it?

The April 1 episode of Mob Wives picked up right where last week’s heartbreaking episode left off. Just hours after learning her ex-husband, Junior Pagan, turned himself in to the Feds without saying goodbye, Renee Graziano was doing anything to keep from falling apart after hearing her father get arrested over the phone. “I can’t save my family,” she said. “I feel so helpless.”

Watching Renee grapple with losing her father and ex-husband — with whom she was trying to reconcile — on the same day was devastating. As a viewer, you could only imagine the pain she was going through. Ramona Rizzo probably put it best when she said, “If you lose any man you love, especially two men on the same f**king damn day, you’re probably going to have a nervous f**king breakdown.” (So she’s not a poet.)

Understandably, Renee’s friends were all concerned for her well-being. Ramona invited Renee and Karen Gravano over to her house for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner to try and lift her spirits. Renee, who had been closing herself off from her friends, showed up at Ramona’s looking better than expected. An upbeat Renee told Ramona she was going to stand by Junior. “As I see it, [he] can’t cheat on me in prison,” she laughed.

Ramona and Karen wanted to make a toast, but an emotional Renee didn’t understand what she has to be thankful for. Her friends told her she she needs to snap out of it and toughen up. Renee, who didn’t feel like celebrating, got up and stormed out. “I feel defeated,” she said.

Things were beginning to look up when Ramona, Karen and Angela “Big Ang” Raiola took Renee to a drag show to take her mind off her troubles. It was nice to see Renee was smiling, dancing and laughing. It just goes to show you how important your friends are.

Just when it appeared the dust had finally settled, another bomb went off. Over dinner with Carla Facciolo, Drita D’Avanzo said she read on Gangland News that Junior had turned on his father-in-law and worn a wire. Carla was sick to her stomach. Drita, meanwhile, went on a rant about snitches. “I’d probably f**king clip that mother f**ker,” she said. (Remind me never to get on Drita’s bad side.)

Word about Junior spread quickly through Staten Island. Speaking with Ramona, Karen — whose own father had been an FBI informant — revealed she thought the article was true. “The writing’s on the wall,” she pointed out.

Worried about what Renee would do to herself when she found out, Ramona and Karen rushed over to Renee’s house. A distraught Renee was refusing to believe the stories about Junior were true. “It’s easier for me to believe that this is bulls**t right now,” she explained.

Ramona and Karen were able to get Renee to accept the truth, after which Renee completely fell apart in Karen’s arms. Renee apologized to Karen for giving her a hard time when she returned to Staten Island. Karen, who understood what Renee was going through, then made her a promise that she would stick by her no matter what.

Tune in to an all-new Mob Wives in two weeks to see how Renee reacts when Carla accuses her of knowing about Junior’s betrayal all along.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers?

– Josh Rosenblatt

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Lisa cooper

Posted at 11:30 AM on May 24, 2012  


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Posted at 7:00 PM on April 5, 2012  

IM glad the.whole juinor thing went down the way it did, renee grazino was way to full of herself and the “MOB LIFESTYLE” this whole thing will take her down about 10 notches. She never thought about the poor victims of her husbands crimes, now.shes knows the pain.and heart ache they prob felt, She cry’s and carrys on about how the feds takes away everyone she loves and has ever loved, like the feds make arrests on purpouse for no reason just to hurt her. her husband juinor her farther. Hurt alot of people. Just think of The poor bank tellers and other victims who were terrified from all their crimes. It shouldnt be poor renee and the whole cast for that matter. thats just karma for you, Getting payback in full.

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Posted at 10:45 AM on May 16, 2012  

Robert, you are an idiot.

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Posted at 11:40 PM on April 4, 2012  

Im so sorry! I could nevet begin to imagine what your going through, my prayers are with Renee and AJ, and the whole family

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Posted at 10:48 PM on April 2, 2012  

its real, she is my cousin.

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Wanda Opre

Posted at 4:43 PM on April 2, 2012  

I really need to know is this show for real, everyone tells me it is fake.
I love this show …. I will be very disappointed if it is fake.
My heart brook for Ranee , my heart has been brooken like that before.
I really thought i was going to die ! Please tell me the truth.

thank you Wanda Opre 4/ 1 / 2012

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Posted at 10:36 PM on April 2, 2012  

It’s real! It’s what’s going on in their lives. Junior snitched on her dad back in November. Read the post it’s in there.

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