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'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Two More Celebs Were Fired

Sun, April 1, 2012 11:54pm EDT by HL Intern 12 Comments

On this week’s special three-hour episode, the tasks and firings doubled! Who was still left after Trump’s bloodbath?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived on the April 1 episode of The Celebrity Apprentice when Teresa Guidice‘s Jersey-girl spirit finally made an appearance! And while the boardroom table remained in its proper upright position, everything else on this week’s episode was totally flipped around.

Donald Trump‘s first task: The celebs had to create and sell a New York City guidebook; Regis Philbin even showed up to judge!

Once again, the ladies on Team Forte came in last place, despite Regis liking their book best and giving them a $35,000 head start. Team Unanimous (the guys) and project manager Dee Snider earned $14 more than they did selling their book, winning the task. $14! The slight difference was a first for the show.

Aubrey O’Day managed to slip past elimination, yet again, even though she raised the least amount of money, essentially losing the task for the girls. The Donald basically said that if project manager Teresa had been smart and called Aubrey back, he would have fired her. (We were this close!) Instead, Debbie Gibson got cut, but not before an all-out cat fight with Teresa who called her “maybe” talented at singing. Needless to say, Teresa did not get a hug goodbye from Ms. Gibson.

Before the night was over, the men all commented how happy they were not to be on a team with Aubrey. Dee said, “I see her tail and horns. Bring it, kid.” Little did the boys know, the Donald had a trick up his sleeve.

The teams were assembled by Mr. Trump for the second task, and in a shocking twist, he switched them up! Since the ladies lost five out of seven tasks, he played Aubrey and Teresa with Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall, and Paul Teutul Sr. — much to the men’s intense disappointment. Meanwhile, Lisa Lampanelli was stuck with Dayana Mendoza, along with Penn Gillette, Lou Ferrigno and Dee.

Now for the task: Design new branding for Walgreen’s Walk With Walgreens membership kit and produce a health segment for the program.

Lou stepped up as project manager for his team, while Arsenio volunteered for his new team. Aubrey went on creative overdrive, and Penn really stepped up for his team, while Lou and Arsenio tried desperately to hold onto their power. Arsenio’s new team decided to do a game show for the health segment, and Lou’s team focused on all the great things you can get done while walking. Dee handled the branding for his team, placing the Walgreens logo all over it, while Aubrey wanted to put the faces of everyone on their team onto the membership kit.

The two unofficial project managers, Aubrey and Penn, caused a few bumps in the road. Aubrey and Arsenio butted heads, especially when she referenced Arsenio “walking away” from his career. Ouch! “I’m sick of her,” Arsenio blurted out.

Penn, meanwhile, had to abandon his team temporarily for a show, which made Lisa nervous since she seemed to think he was the only other competent person on her team.

At their event, even Lisa gave Lou props on how well he pulled everything off. Penn, however, misnamed the event! It was not good, and the execs definitely noticed that. The other team presented their game show with Arsenio as the host and the other teammates as contestants. Despite his frustrations with Aubrey, Arsenio was proud of what his team brought to the table. Now off to another table — the one in the boardroom.

Even before the winning team was announced, Arsenio made it pretty clear how he felt about Aubrey. And then came the tears… again! (Surprise, surprise.) But surprisingly, their team won! Curiously, Aubrey left without going into the boardroom.

Back in the boardroom, Lou, Dee, and Dayana were all up for elimination. Donald proclaimed how much he hates firing people, and this group seemed to be a particularly tough one for him. But Dee was in charge of the branding, and the box’s design just wasn’t good enough. Dee Snider, you’re fired!

The only question left is: Where, oh where, was Aubrey O’Day?

— Jordyn Woodtke

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