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Kim Kardashian: Slamming Kris Humphries Just Makes You Look Mean

Fri, March 30, 2012 4:53pm EDT by HL Intern 35 Comments
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian — you’ve got it all wrong! You may think that doing an interview for the US Weekly cover story, called “My Divorce Hell,” would make women flock to your side, but it’s only driving them onto Team Kris.

Kim Kardashian – please listen to my advice. I really am thinking of your best interests. You need to stop slamming your ex Kris Humphries. It’s not making you look good. Instead, it’s making you look like a meany!

The US Weekly article may talk about how you were “inconsolable” after you filed for divorce papers from Kris and how you feel you’ve kept silent until now. It may assert through “sources” that you’ve been the victim of a “smear” campaign, but most non-Kardashians don’t see it that way.

To the outside world, it is actually Kris Humphries who has taken far more of the knocks in this Kardashian/Humphries divorce war. After all, Kim, it was you who wanted a divorce after 72 days, you who didn’t want to get marital counseling, you who didn’t warn Kris that you would actually be filing divorce papers so he found out that his marriage was over on the radio, it was you who were painted as the victim in a “Husband From Hell” cover story on US Weekly on Dec. 5, 2011, and it’s not you who has been booed at multiple basketball games while you were trying to do your job.

You have to realize that if you had possibly handled your split just a little bit differently and had worked at ending it mutually and on good terms, that you wouldn’t be in this public pickle with the threat of a televised divorce trial over your head. Would it have been that hard to take a little extra time last fall to share your concerns and regrets over the marriage with Kris and then issue a mutual “irreconcilable differences” statement? Couldn’t you have had just a little patience?

Instead, taking any part in a magazine cover story that accuses Kris of fighting to get your money and fame and that even goes so far as to stick the knife into to his father William Humphries and sister Kaela, accusing William of trying to sell a Tell-All book and Kaela of wanting your “fame by osmosis” is a bad miscalculation.

No matter how you see yourself, Kim – as an underdog and victim – the world does NOT see you that way. You still are earning millions of dollars, you’re out looking beautiful on talk shows and red carpets, you’re still tweeting gorgeous pics of yourself topless and in lingerie showing lots of cleavage – you simply don’t look like a victim.

Now you were the victim of a flour bomber and you handled that situation with great calm and poise. But you were far more gracious in your remarks about the flour bomber than Kardashian insiders have been about Kris since Day One of the separation.

You really tested the loyalty of your fans with the entire quickie divorce. They had totally bought into your fairytale wedding – tuning into the Fairytale Wedding special airing for two days on Oct. 9 and Oct 10, 2011. You tweeted your enthusiasm for the wedding special to promote it and then filed for your divorce, 21 days later. How could your fans not feel like the rug was pulled out from under them, along with Kris Humphries?

Whether you like it or not, women felt Kris’s pain and you just keep digging your hole with them deeper, every time you whack Kris over the head again.

So stop! For your own sake stop! Believe me and the 77 % of readers who have voted that they’re on Team Kris, stop the Kris bashing and quietly work out a divorce settlement. It will be the best money you ever spent!

— Bonnie Fuller

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