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Paula Patton Tells You About Her Beauty Essentials & Where To Get Great Beauty Tips

Fri, March 30, 2012 9:05am EDT by 2 Comments

Watch Paula get made-up in a new video collaboration with COVERGIRL!

COVERGIRL Queen Collection Brand Ambassador and actress Paula Patton gives you details on her own beauty routine and tells you why it’s GOOD that you’re only 21 once.

What does a typical makeup application for you include?
“I try to keep my face pretty clean, but I still want to look cute. For me, I’ll start with a concealer. I really love the Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer. I’ll put that under the eyes — I need it being a new mom! They have a really great long lasting matte powder from the Queen Collection. Some blush, some mascara. My favorite mascara in the world is Lash Fanatic. It’s really incredible! Then I’ll think about a lip. I’ve really been into this one color, Powder Press Pink by the Queen Collection. It’s hot pink, but not too hot pink to wear dung the day.”

What are your beauty essentials — something you couldn’t leave the house without? Could you go out naked-faced?
“I could walk out naked-faced, but do I want to? Not really [laughs]. I guess if I had to do just one thing, I’d have to go with a lip color. I think that at least the lips have to have something. I could either do a lipstick or COVERGIRL has these Wetstlick Fruit Spritzers. I just really love the strawberry one, but I’d be wanting more.”

Can you tell me about the video collaboration with COVERGIRL Queen Collection and celebrity makeup artist, Ashunta Sheriff?
“It was COVERGIRL’s idea to do these how-to videos and gosh I wish I had these when I was younger. It gives you really concrete tips on how to do your makeup. I learned so much on that day from Ashunta. I think it’s going to be really valuable and Ashunta is one of the best. She taught me a lot, like how you should use a sponge or a brush applicator and I do a lot with my fingers so I started using them and I have such good coverage. Also, you should clean your mascara brush on occasion. You know how it gets so clumpy? Just a little warm water!”

Can you tell me about any upcoming roles you have in the works?
“I have one movie that I filmed called Disconnect. Alexander Skarsgard plays my husband. I’m going to start filing a movie called Broken. It’s dramatic, but a romance.”

Where do you find beauty inspiration?
“It’s always fun to flip through magazines to get ideas. I really love old movies. I love that glamour of old movie stars. Whether it be Dorothy Dandridge and her ruby red lips or the eyes of Brigitte Bardot and her eyeliner. I love the old movie stars and it’s so glamourous to look back at those days. I’m really inspired by the women involved with COVERGIRL. I look to Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore, Taylor Swift and Ellen [DeGeneres]. They have this inner beauty. The outside stuff, it comes and goes, but I think we can make big changes on our insides and those women are my inspiration because they are funny, compassionate and smart and about so much more than looking good. I think we need to teach a lot of young women and women in general that you need to love yourself for who you are. What’s great about life is we only get to be 21 once and we need to enjoy that. COVERGIRL has these great colors that are never too much, not costumey, but natural and just accentuates features like your cheekbones and lips.

Watch the first video:

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