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'Punk'd' Premiere Recap: Miley Cyrus Flips Out At Justin Bieber

Thu, March 29, 2012 11:35pm EDT by 23 Comments

Justin proved even better than Ashton Kutcher on the season premiere of ‘Punk’d’ by freaking out some of his closest Hollywood friends.

Justin Bieber kicked off the new season of Punk’d as its first guest host March 29, choosing some of his hollywood friends as his victims. His first target? Taylor Swift. “She’s like the sweetest girl ever,” Justin said, right before inviting Taylor to a beachfront house for a writing session. That’s when the fireworks really started.

Taylor was already freaking out about standing too close to the fireworks and then ended up “setting a boat on fire.” A bride and groom, along with their friends, were on the boat and had to evacuate on a lifeboat all to poor Taylor’s horror. The singer seemed so emotionally affected, and appeared to almost burst into tears before the cameras came out!

Onto the next one: Rob Dyrdek was expected to freak when Justin planned for an angry couple to drive their car into a restaurant where Rob was eating, but the reality star didn’t buy it, so Justin had to select a new target. Enter Sean Kingston. He was way more gullible, and he totally freaked when he saw the car about to hit him.

Miley Cyrus was Justin’s final victm — but this time, the roles were reversed. Miley thought she was punking Justin, but it was she who was the butt of the joke.

Justin pretended to kick a skater, who then cursed him out and left the scene. The skater returned, pretending to be injured, and production on the episode had to be “shut down,” causing Miley to freak out and believe the prank went wrong.

“I just want to give him a hug,” said a shocked Miley — that is, until Justin came out and declared himself “unpunkable.” Miley then proceeded to hit Justin, curse, and flash the middle finger to everyone.

“It’s a great day, but it’s also a sad day,” said Justin about being the host for just one episode. Then, in classic Justin style, the always-friendly singer thanked his fans for supporting him in everything that he does.

Did you think Justin did an awesome job as host? Was he as good, if not better, than Ashton Kutcher?

— Milly Contreras