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Racist 'Hunger Games' Fans Clearly Can't Read

Thu, March 29, 2012 6:40pm EDT by 61 Comments
Hunger Games Racist Tweets

Many prejudice ‘Hunger Games’ audience members were surprised that Rue, Thresh and Cinna were black in the movie, which is incredibly backwards and sad.

Not only are the people who expressed their disbelief that Rue (Amandla Stenberg) and Thresh (Dayo Okeniyi) are black in The Hunger Games racist, but they also possess no reading comprehension skills.

In the books, Katniss’ inner-monologue describes Rue thusly: “She has bright, dark eyes and satiny brown skin.” Likewise, Thresh’s skin color is also specified. “The boy tribute from District 11, Thresh, has the same dark skin as Rue.” Cinna’s race is never strictly defined, but how can anyone doubt Lenny Kravitz‘s appeal.

Nonetheless, many people were taken aback that their favorite characters were not white. “why does rue have to be black not gonna lie kinda ruined the movie,” one tweeted. “cinna and rue weren’t suppose [sic] to be black,” another added. (Read More Via Jezebel)

Well, technically yes, Cinna wasn’t supposed (emphasis on the “d”) to be anything. The producers clearly thought finding the best person for the role was more important than appeasing racists. But Rue and Thresh were supposed (emphasis on the “d” again) to be black. It’s written in the pages of Suzanne Collins‘ work. And you really can’t argue with that. But even if the characters hadn’t been expressly described, why would anyone think that they all had to be white? That’s not how the world is, even if the perpetrators of these tweets have such a skewed view.

Amandla responded intelligently to the controversy, by trading on her experience making the film and holding her head high. “It was an amazing experience; I am proud of the film and my performance. I want to thank all of my fans and the entire Hunger Games community for their support and loyalty,” she said in a statement to Us Weekly.

I’m glad she was able to stay above it all, but it’s still disheartening to think that there are people out there who not only think this way, but who also feel fine about broadcasting it publicly.

— Denise Warner

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