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'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Mackenzie Faces Major Money Issues After Her Boyfriend Gets Injured

Wed, March 28, 2012 12:50am EDT by 11 Comments

After her boyfriend gets seriously hurt in a dangerous car accident, cheerleader Mackenzie doesn’t know how they can afford diapers or daycare!

The new season of 16 & Pregnant is back! In the season premiere, meet cute-as-a-button Oklahoma cheerleader Mackenzie and her baby daddy — bull riding, rodeo cowboy Josh.

After finding out her daughter is pregnant, Mackenzie’s mom says dropping out of high school is not an option. The couple need to pay for daycare so Mackenzie can go to school, but neither has a job.

Mackenzie tries calling around for a job, but nobody is interested in hiring someone who is 7 months pregnant. After her failed attempt to find employment, she goes to a sonogram and learns she’s expecting a baby boy! The couple want to name him Gannon, but that’s about all they can agree on at the moment.

They’re fighting because Mackenzie wants Josh to stop doing rodeos. It’s dangerous, but it’s also the only way the two are getting any income. But then disaster strikes: Josh gets into a terrible car accident and ends up in the hospital with a concussion and neck injury. He can’t work, and now they’re even worse off than before. “I have a newborn with no hope,” Mackenzie cries.

But she does get some swag at the Oklahoma-style baby shower — which included gifts of baby cowboy boots, camo T-shirts and diapers wrapped in bandanas.

Next, Mackenzie starts her junior year, but the long days and constant stares from students wear her down. Going to be bed early, she wakes up late one night and realizes it’s time for the baby!

Little Gannon arrives, and Mackenzie and Josh quickly have to figure out how to change poo-loaded diapers. They make a plan that he’ll stay with the baby during the day, and she’ll take care of him at night.

Josh still wants to get back into rodeos despite his injuries, but Mackenzie gives him an ultimatum. Apparently picked her because the two are reportedly still together and engaged!

What did YOU think of the premiere, HollyMoms? What moment was most shocking?

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