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'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Katie Gives Up Her College Dreams For Her Baby & Boyfriend

Wed, March 28, 2012 1:27am EDT by 7 Comments

Katie was accepted and excited to go away to college, but everything changes when she finds out she is pregnant!

In the second 16 and Pregnant season premiere episode, Katie had her future mapped out until she got pregnant with boyfriend Joey. Her plans went from university in Denver to community college and changing diapers!

Katie admits she thought birth control was Joey’s responsibility. Obviously, they both weren’t careful because the high school senior ended up pregnant. She was supposed to go away to school in Denver with her BFF Veronica, and Katie’s mom is really disappointed because so much was put into the teen’s education.

Now she must live with Joey, his mom, stepdad and Joey’s little brother and sister. She’s working at a baby supply store (Hey, good discount!), and he’s working at a tractor rental store. Joey wants a job at the coal mine where he can get a better salary and benefits, and the two hope to move into their own place once there’s more money.

But Joey’s parentals sit the two down and explain that living on their own will be a huge cost. Katie’s still determined — she even haggles landlords for rent — but Joey’s not so sure now.

Meanwhile, Katie goes on a girls’ night out to prom. The fun event soured though after she got tired and left early.

Smart Katie also graduates high school. Good for her! She still wants to transfer to Denver in two years, but in the meantime she has to go to community college. She does get to visit her BFF away at school, but the trip is bittersweet as she sees how life would have been if she didn’t get pregnant.

Things at home with Joey aren’t rosy either. Katie feels like he ignores her when he gets home from work, and the two get in a huge fight. He still won’t move out of his parents’ place, so Katie leaves and moves back with her mom. However, after she goes into labor he shows up and the two make up.

She moves back in with his family, and they fix up the basement. Three weeks after baby Molli is born, Joey finally scores a job at the coal mine. He works the nightshift, but now they have more income. At dinner with her mom, Katie reveals she wants to go away to Denver and never return to Wyoming. Joey explains he can’t just pick up and leave his job (the benefits are helping her and Molli after all).

Katie’s mom makes the smart point that the two both will have to make sacrifices for the next 18 years.

For now, Katie’s plans will have to go on hold. “Now I’m on Molli’s schedule,” she explains.

What did YOU think of the premiere, HollyMoms? What moment was most shocking?

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