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'Raising Sextuplets' Cheating Mom Leaves Husband & Marries Lover

Tue, March 27, 2012 10:22am EDT by 36 Comments
Raising Sextuplets

After leaving her husband for a married friend, the star of the WE reality show ‘Raising Sextuplets’ has tied the knot!

Jennifer Masche, the mother of WE’s Raising Sextuplets, married her ex-boyfriend Levi McClendon in a private ceremony. “Jenny and Levi got married in San Diego two weeks ago,” a source tells “It was a really small wedding with hardly any friends or family there, but San Diego was the place where Jenny and Levi went the first weekend when they started their affair.”

Jenny’s ex-husband Bryan Masche confirms the news.

“I started laughing when I saw her wedding ring,” he says. “It has a bunch of Scripture in Hebrew and I thought, seriously? She’s still holding on to the Christianity thing? That’s ridiculous because she doesn’t have a church, and she doesn’t take the children to church.”

The sextuplets are almost 5 years old, and Bryan says he knew about the secret marriage after the kids came home from the wedding acting different.

“When they came back to stay with me they were very hush-hush,” he says. “I’m sure she told them to keep it a secret.”

Bryan and Jenny have joint custody, and the dad says he’ll never let his kids return to reality TV.

“My life is already better all the time,” he says. “I have more peace. I feel bad for Levi because he’s going to see the real Jenny. I feel bad for her; she doesn’t know there is another way to live. I can put my head down at night and know I did everything I could to save my family for the sake of my children. Daddy did everything he could. I’m sorry, but this is life now.”

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