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Camille Grammer Is Right To Quit 'RHOBH' To Protect Her New Love

Mon, March 26, 2012 1:48pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 2 Comments
Camille Grammar Real Housewives

Camille — you’re making a really smart decision to prioritize your love life over the drama of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’!

When the news was released that you were quitting Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, jaws dropped. Fans were shocked. After all, the disintegration of your marriage to Kelsey Grammer, 57, propelled the drama of the entire first season of the show.

We watched as you experienced first-hand the astounding double life your then-husband Kelsey was leading in New York City, while starring in the Broadway show, La Cage Aux Folles. We were shocked along with you to learn that while you were taking care of your two young children AND starring in RHOBH, he was sharing your NYC apartment with British flight attendant Kayte Walsh, 32, who was twenty-six years his junior.

It made for gripping reality TV in which truth proved far stronger than any fiction a screenwriter could have made up.

But as much as it made for addictive TV, it must have been incredibly painful and humiliating to go through a completely public marriage betrayal and then divorce. Not the least of which was having Kelsey marry Kayte on Feb 25, 2011, just two weeks after your divorce was finalized. And then to get thrown into a nasty custody battle over your daughter Mason, 10, and son Jude, 7.

Listen, fame can be rewarding for some people, but you certainly didn’t and don’t need it.

You have every reason to focus on your personal happiness and the happiness and stability of your children now.

If you have found that happiness with lawyer, Dimitri Charalambopoulos, 35, then why risk destroying it by exposing your relationship to millions of viewers of RHBH? Why risk putting it under the public microscope? And why risk having the other Housewives butt in with their drama and opinions?

Why do any of this? Well, smartly you decided you sure as h**l don’t need it. And your kids don’t need any more public drama either. They’ve had enough to cope with, with their parents divorcing and then not even being on speaking terms with each other.

Kids have when their home life is ruined and hate being put into the middle of a custody tug-of-war.

At least, Camille, you are guaranteeing your children much more privacy when you and they have no TV cameras following you around.

With a $50 million divorce settlement, you will never EVER have to worry about money again. You can afford to protect your new love and protect your children!

Good decision, Camille! I applaud you for quitting the fame game as well as RHOBH!

— Bonnie Fuller

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