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Fans Love 'Hunger Games' At NYC Midnight Screenings

Fri, March 23, 2012 12:14pm EDT by 2 Comments

The ‘Hunger Games’ midnight premiere has drawn starving fans from all over to the movie theater to see the film adaptation up on the big screen.

After hearing applause and cheers, it’s crystal clear that The Hunger Games is a huge hit!

Filmgoers came to see what all the fuss was about after recommendations from friends who have read the books. “I came to see The Hunger Games because I heard about the story from a friend…so I guess I’m kind of excited to see what twists and turns they may have in this kind of film,” a movie viewer said before the showing.

One fan of the book expressed her concern over how the film would turn out saying that she’s “kind of worried also because the books are really good so what if the movie’s really bad but I’m still excited.”

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During the film’s showing, audiences were ready for a movie filled with adventure, emotions, and thrills. As the whole audience watched the death-defying scenes taking place in the games, they really felt they were a part of the action. An audience member found the film’s action sequences to be “really exciting, kind of mind-blowing.” For others, it felt a little shaky at times. “The camera angles kind of really wanted me to have seizure(s), but aside from that, I didn’t really hate it, it was entertaining…”

Viewers were also captivated by the performances by the main characters.“I really liked Gale and I liked Katniss, and I really liked Peeta. Effie Trinket, perfect. Haymitch was perfect,” a fan said.

Effie was also a favorite. “Effie surprised me, I fell in love with her, Effie Trinket was amazing,” another said.

But they wished Katniss and Rue’s relationship had been explored a little bit more . “I would’ve liked to see more of the relationship between Rue and Katniss played out on screen because I think Katniss’ reactions to her death was a little bit excessive.”

And there you have it. You have heard the audiences’ reaction to film, so if you still have not seen the movie, then definitely check it out!

-Mufsin Mahbub