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Kim Kardashian Disses Kris Humphries On 'Tonight Show' — WATCH

Thu, March 22, 2012 9:28am EDT by 21 Comments
Kim Kardashian Won't Say Kris Humphries' Name On Tonight Show

Kim K. just can’t stop Kris-bashing, and last night, she stuck the knife in a new way!

Kim Kardashian, 31, had her speech ready to go when she visited The Tonight Show on March 21.

When Jay Leno asked Kim when she realized she wanted to end her 72-day marriage with Kris Humphries, she refused to even utter his name and sounded a bit nervous (probably because she had to memorize a paragraph?).

“I’m a girl who believes in love…I’m in love with love…I always wanted to be respectful with everyone involved and of, you know…it’s just…I wanted to be fair to me, but I also wanted to be fair to someone else,” she said in her nasally high-pitched voice.

As always, the late night show host didn’t want to rock the boat and merely nodded, intermittently saying “yeah” to the reality star, as she continued her defense. The audience was dead silent.

“I want that forever…and I believed in love, and I still do,” she added as she gulped down nerves. “I just feel like to be fair to everyone, I just knew I had to end it, and I’m okay with that decision.”

The fact Kim can’t even mention Kris’ name, do you think she’s refusing to accept the reality of her situation, or is it a gesture that she’s just disgusted with him?

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