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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: The Shocking Reason She Dumped Him

Wed, March 21, 2012 10:06am EDT by Chloe Melas 57 Comments

Kris’ friend says Kim was spending tons of money out of their joint bank account without telling Kris but that’s not why they broke up!

Kim Kardashian didn’t just marry Kris Humphries for her E! wedding special! Andrey Hick, an old friend of Kris’ who is currently in jail, tells Star the reason Kim dumped Kris after just 72 days of marriage has nothing to do with fame. 

It turns out Kim dumped Kris over money! Yup, the woman who claims to have built a multi-million dollar empire reportedly decided Kris wasn’t rich enough for her!

“Kris told her he wouldn’t be pulling in $20 million a year and that deflated things for her,” he reveals. “Kim was not going to let it fail once it reached critical mass. Once the engagement happened, she was going to have that wedding and make money from it.”

Andrey says that Kim was spending tons of money out of their joint bank account and using it as her own personal piggy bank!

“Whatever was earned by Kim and Kris separately was going to be theirs but any money earned together such as from the wedding would go into the account,” Andrey says. “We have Kim presenting herself as extraordinarily wealthy but she was borrowing $10,000 here and $10,000 there.”

Andrey goes on to say that Kim was worth the same amount as Kris at the time of their wedding and Kim isn’t as wealthy as she makes herself out to be.

“Her net worth is only $8 million,” he says. “And $3 million of that is in furniture and clothing. This is a woman who wants at whatever cost, to support her lifestyle.”

Do you think Kim dumped Kris because he didn’t make enough money?

— Chloe Melas

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