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Bethenny Frankel Tells YOU Why Her Affordable Skincare Line Can Stand Up To Department Store Brands

Wed, March 21, 2012 11:44am EDT by 4 Comments

Bethenny has added skincare to her growing empire. Her new line is inexpensive, but works wonders on your skin!

Bethenny Frankel tells exclusively why she started Skinnygirl Face and Body and Skinnygirl Mommy, how she keeps her beauty routine fast and effective and why she cherishes her primping time now that she’s a mom!

Why did you start the line? What was your inspiration?
“I used to have troubled skin and I got really consistent about it, I stopped touching my face and I started having a consistent skincare regimen and I think it made a real difference and when I would be trying different products I would hear about ones that were really expensive and be like ‘that’s nonsense’ and it really is nonsense.”

Speaking of price point, how can you keep yours so low? Each item is between $4.97 and $15!
“The difference between a hundred dollar cream and a 15 dollar cream is negligible. And in most cases the money is in the packaging and people are just appealing to people in marketing and I think it’s deceptive. So I wanted to have a line that was really affordable and really high quality and really exciting and fun.”

What is your beauty routine like for day and night?
“In the morning I do a cleanse, I use a spray toner, I use a serum, an under eye cream and then either a moisturizer with SPF on top or just an SPF moisturizer. And once a week I’ll do the vitamin C [scrub], well once or maybe even twice a week, I’ll do the vitamin C scrub on dry skin to really get a good exfoliation and then do a moisturizing mask on top of it. At night I’ll do a little heavier of a face cream, but I do like the products under the products. I used to never be a layerer. I like the layering of toner, serum and moisturizer.”

How has being a mom kind of changed how you think about skincare or just how you think about beauty routines in general?
“I like the time in the bathroom now that the five to ten minutes and I’m into it and I’m also getting older and I want to be a mom that still looks good so I’m trying a little bit harder but enjoying the ritual.”

Do you have any kind of beauty inspirations — do you look to celebrities, do you look through magazines?
“No not at all. I really don’t read any magazines. I’m a stay in your own lane kind of person. We’re all smart, we can figure out what to do for ourselves. Get a little advice, but no, cause everyone’s telling me that they ate a piece of broiled salmon and brown rice for lunch, but that’s not what they really ate, no one’s telling if they used this, you know. Just do your own thing.”

Tell us about Skinnygirl Mommy.
“It’s not only pregnant women, but also new moms and it’s really great because it’s about soothing and cooling and relaxing whether it’s the energizing leg cream when your legs get kind of swollen and when you’re walking around the city or holding a baby, they get tired and fatigued. And the same thing with cooling your feet, especially with summer coming, you know feeling that tingling and peppermint kind of feeling in your feet it’s just a good feeling. With tight shoes, we’re all trying to wear heels and your feet can’t breathe.”

Check out the Skinnygirl Face and Body products and well as Skinnygirl Mommy line at Walmart or on

Want to know more about the line? Bethenny will be hosting a Twitter party on March 26th at 9:30pm eastern standard time for half an hour talking about the line and giving beauty advice! Bethenny’s handle is @Bethenny and the skin care line’s own handle is @skinnygirlskin — both with be participating and the official hashtag is #AffordableBeauty.

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