'One Tree Hill' Scoop: Paul Johansson Previews Dan's Life-Or-Death Episode

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Hide the sharp objects! Paul says tomorrow night’s ‘One Tree Hill’ is going to be a nail-biter!

In case you weren’t able to tell from the intense promos, the March 21 episode of One Tree Hill is going to be the most emotional one yet — and Paul Johansson urges you to plan accordingly. Fans should “take any glass objects they have in the house, stomp on them, then walk in a puddle of iodine,” Paul tells HollywoodLife.com. “Therefore, they will be numb.”

The episode, titled “Danny Boy,” finds Tree Hill’s most controversial character hospitalized after being shot saving Nathan (James Lafferty) — and his life hangs in the balance. But as you might expect, Dan Scott isn’t giving up that easily.

“The character can’t be weepy or weak,” Paul tells me. “That’s not who he is. He takes his licks in life. … I’m very excited for people to see the episode.”

Dan does, however, reflect on the mistakes he’s made in his life — and there are many. But are you ready to forgive and forget?

“I know the audience has felt sympathy for him, but the truth is, Dan was never really forgiven,” Paul notes. “He feels so horrible about the choices he made, and he wishes he could do anything to change them — but he can’t. Dan will never ever be a man that isn’t tortured.

And even though there are only a few episodes left until the show’s April 4 series finale, fans needn’t worry about what lies ahead for Paul. He promises to continue channeling Dan Scott in real life, including actually drowning people in the sea.

“My private life is very similar,” he jokes (I hope.) “I have a couple of people I try to catch in the ocean. I can never find Robert Buckley down there, but I’d sure love to find him.”

How do YOU feel about Dan Scott, One Tree Hill fans? Will you be devastated if he doesn’t survive tomorrow’s episode? Do you think that saving Nathan redeemed him for murdering Keith? Watch a preview of the episode below, then hit up the comments section with your thoughts!

— Andy Swift

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