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Kristen Stewart Is 'Nothing Like Bella,' Says 'SWATH' Director

Mon, March 19, 2012 11:39am EDT by Add first Comment
Kristen Stewart Snow White And The Huntsman, Director Rupert Sanders

Twilight fans may be convinced that K-Stew and Bella are one in the same, but ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’s’ director Rupert Sanders says that’s only because she’s such a good actress. Read and watch the video!

Director Rupert Sanders couldn’t stop lavishing his praises for Kristen Stewart, 21, and says she’s a lot tougher and wiser than her Twilight role as Bella Swan.

“I think what I realized is that she’s such a good actor that everyone thinks she’s Bella Swan. She is nothing like Bella,” Rupert revealed to at WonderCon 2012’s press conference. “We worked really hard on developing that character together. I was just amazed at her talent, really. She’s incredibly good at her craft. She’s incredibly instinctive. She’s incredibly intuitive.”

So how was Kristen in her action scenes? Rupert says that although she was initially terrified to jump back on a horse due to a bad riding accident she had as a kid, she buried her fear and determinedly raced along the beach with 200 soldiers riding behind her.

Rupert adds, it’s this kind of professionalism and fearlessness that makes her a smart actor.

“She’s kept this pipeline of interesting projects going on the side, so she’s not just going to be that [Twilight] girl, forever more. She’s a great actor and she’s made incredibly shrewd decisions for someone who’s half my age,” he said.

As for K-Stew’s co-star, Charlize Theron, Rupert was equally blown away by her portrayal as the Evil Queen.

“[Charlize] found a way of playing this character in a very modern, realistic and gritty way. She’s not, ‘Off with her head!’ It’s not that kind of film,” asserted Rupert. “She’s playing it pretty straight, as a very disturbed character who’s desperately got to find this heart because she needs to live forever. It’s as simple as that…She’s very driven by some very dark machinations. She’s also incredibly wounded and incredibly fragile underneath. It’s an incredible performance.”

Despite SWATH and rival Snow White flick Mirror Mirror being constantly compared to each other, Rupert says he believes there’s room for both.

“We’re probably both getting a lot more publicity because both films are out there, but they’re very different. I think there’s room for both of them. I hope we both succeed, and I hope that people want to see two versions,” he stated.

So will he go see Mirror Mirror? Perhaps, he says.

“I don’t know. If you see a hooded man in the back of the theater, [it will be me].”

SWATH opens in theaters on June 1.


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