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JonBenet Ramsey's Dad Admits: I Considered Suicide After My Daughter's Murder

Mon, March 19, 2012 9:38am EDT by 8 Comments
John Ramsey Suicide

The father of the late JonBenet reveals he thought about killing himself after his daughter’s brutal murder in 1996 to ‘escape the pain’ of losing his little girl.

In the months following JonBenet Ramsey‘s shocking murder in December 1996, her father John Ramsey says he wanted to end his life rather than live without her. “I wanted to escape from the pain,” he reveals to People in a new interview. In his new memoir The Other Side of Suffering, he recounts the turmoil that followed after finding his 6-year-old‘s lifeless body in the basement of his and his wife Patsy‘s Colorado home.

Long the focus of police investigation, the 68-year-old says he and Patsy, who died of Ovarian cancer in 2006, were ready to go to jail and even signed over custody of their son Burke to a relative.

“Patsy joked, ‘Can I have stripes that run vertical? Horizontal are going to make me look fat,'” he remembers.

Young Burke was 9 years old when his sister was killed, and soon found himself at the center of the investigation. Now at 25 years old, he’s a “quiet” Purdue University grad. “[He] has certainly matured as a young man,” John says. “He’s got a 401K plan, an IRA [and] a girlfriend.”

John was formally cleared of having any involvement  by the Boulder County district attorney in 2008, and he’s since moved on to a new love. After dating Natalee Holloway‘s mom Beth Twitty, he’s now married to Las Vegas-based fashion designer Jan Rousseau, 54.

John says finding love again and writing his book have helped him heal, but he still “would like to know” who killed his young daughter.

“Everybody has a burden, and I wanted to tell people it doesn’t last forever,” he says. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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