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Frozen Planet Recap: Will The Mama Polar Bear & Her Twins Survive Or Starve To Death?

Mon, March 19, 2012 11:14am EDT by Add first Comment
Frozen Planet Recap: Will The Mama Polar Bear & Her Twins  Survive Or Starve To Death?

That’s the top burning question among others that I, and my son Sasha, 11, and others, were left with after watching the riveting first new episode of Discovery channel’s ‘Frozen Planet.’

If you caught the first episode of Frozen Planet, then you must have become an instant addict like Sasha and I. The footage of the vast frozen lands of the earth in the new documentary series — ice covers a third of the world’s surface we learned –  was stunning AND astounding! Have you all seen the vast frozen ice cold desert of Antarctica before? I didn’t think so!

But just as haunting as the miles- long glaciers in the Antarctica Ocean and the flowing glaciers of Greenland, are the wildlife who somehow survive despite the immense struggles of living in bitter cold and snow.

We meet a beautiful Snow White of the the far north– a graceful female polar bear whose male suitor is bloodied by the many battles with other males he must fight to mate with her. Months later, we see that the lovely female has become a single mom of triplet cubs. Now, she must make a desperate journey to the sea with her babies to hunt for food so they can survive. Along the way, the smallest cub succumbs to starvation. Will the rest of the adorable family, abandoned by dad, survive? One of the biggest dangers they face is from other male polar bears who will happily make a meal out of the cubs. Shocking!

Meanwhile, we learn that wolf dads DO stick around. In fact, the whole pack of the largest wolves on earth, work together to feed their cute-as-can-be pups, who play and yap just like puppies.

Antarctica’s million penguins dads also play a big part in rearing their chicks– in fact, THEY are the ones who build the pebble nests for their young– not hesitating to steal stones from one another.

But talk about the most jaw-dropping brilliant team work ever. You couldn’t help but be riveted watching a group of orca killer whales work like synchronized swimmers in complete unison as they coordinate their swimming perfectly to create waves that knocked a seal off his ice flow and into their jaws!

Ready to tune in Sunday nights, and find out what happens to the polar bear family? You’ll get a treat.  Frozen Planet continues at 8 p.m. for the next six weeks!

— Bonnie Fuller


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