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Attention Pregnant Mothers: Using Cellphones Could Harm Your Unborn Babies

Sun, March 18, 2012 9:17am EDT by HL Intern 4 Comments

Expecting mothers, put down your cellphones! A new study shows exposing unborn babies to cellphones might cause behavior problems later in life.

A new study from Yale University finds exposure to radiation from cellphones during pregnancy affects the brain development of the fetus, the Daily Mail reports. “The rise in behavioural disorders in human children may be in part due to foetal cellular telephone irradiation exposure,” senior author Professor Hugh Taylor says.

No actual babies were intentionally exposed to cellphone radiation for the study — only mice. But the furry little rodents involvement as test subjects have some British scientists questioning the evidence provided.

Professor Katya Rubia, from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, called the link made between mice and humans “alarmist and unjustified.”

As the British scientists point out, being so small, the mice absorb a “proportionally far higher” amount of radiation than any unborn baby would. And mothers others tend not to hold their cellphones directly over their uterus, but a few feet above to their ear.

The study does call attention to the rise of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) every year. The condition is “a growing public concern,” according to the Yale researchers.

What do YOU think? Will you put the phone down to protect your unborn child? Or will your phone forever be permanently attached to your face?

Emily Morgan

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