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'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Aubrey O'Day Can't Shut Up, Tia Carerre Gets Fed Up

Sun, March 18, 2012 11:47pm EDT by 35 Comments
Celebrity Apprentice Recap

Aubrey O’Day continued to unleash her Mean Girl alpha-dog pie hole, but Tia Carerre kept her cool and decided to take control of the ugly situation.

Team Forte (a.k.a. The Gals) got mopped up on Celebrity Apprentice‘s March 18th eppy when they decided to get a little too sexual with their latest challenge. And once Aubrey O’Day and Lisa Lampanelli started ganging up on Tia Carerre in the boardroom, Tia decided to hit the road with her cheekbones held high.

So what was the task? Make a viral video for O Cedar’s ProMist Spray Mop.

Team Unanimous (a.k.a. The Dudes) won with their “I’ll Mop the Floor With You” theme, thanks to Project Manager Lou Ferrigno‘s starring role as an apron-wearing hubby gettin’ jiggy with it in the kitchen as he mopped the floor. (We wish his spasmodic chesticle shots were included in the video.)

Regardless of their guys’ win, there were still some hurt egos — namely Penn Gillette‘s — when Clay Aiken unleashed his inner biznatch and called him out as being elitist and condescending to Lou.

As for the ladies, the claws came out as per usual with pinched-nose Aubrey leading the way, followed by her newly found friend Deborah Gibson and pissy Lisa.

With Tia leading the way as project manager, Team Forte decided to go with the theme “What’s Your Number?” (a double entendre to how many mops you’ve used or how many boys you’ve bumped uglies with in the past). Basically, it didn’t work, and the ladies were left to claw their way out of the boardroom.

Although Lisa kept harping to The Don that Dayana Mendoza was the most useless out of the group, she also wasn’t a fan of Tia’s democratic method of project managing. Patricia Velasquez politely interjected saying Teresa Giudice was the least productive, which in turn, made Teresa’s forehead shrink with fury even more. (We applaud Teresa’s logical argument that she can indeed out-write any of them if given the task since, as she pointed out, she wrote three cookbooks with her ghost writer.)

Desperate to get some air time, Aubrey squawked incessantly (even annoying pooch-lipped Don) and threw Tia under the bus, insinuating her to be weak and calling her “50-something.” Perhaps sick of being called an old fart and admittedly stating she was exhausted with the vicious catfighting, Tia decided she had had enough and coolly volunteered to make her exit.

It was a pretty abrupt end, but we kinda understand why Tia got the hell out of dodge. And at least she did it with some maturity and class…which, perhaps, is something that comes with age.

Hey, you “20-something” Aubrey, keep digging your own grave, sister girl.

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