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Taylor Momsen's Drugged-Out, Porn Star-Filled 'My Medicine' Music Video

Fri, March 16, 2012 4:49pm EDT by 3 Comments

It’s official: Taylor has gone from being a ‘Gossip Girl’ to a Gothic Girl.

From young people doing explicit drugs to porn stars having sex in the back room, this new The Pretty Reckless video is absolutely outrageous. Is this really the same little Jenny Humphrey we know and love from Gossip Girl? It doesn’t look like it.

In this HollywoodLife-rated “R” music video, Taylor Momsen, 18, is surrounded by peers sniffing cocaine, getting tattoos, having sex, running around topless and binge drinking. Not to mention Taylor’s look scarily resembles electric-alternative singer’s Marilyn Manson.

What’s happened to little J on Gossip Girl who was always trying to make her way up the steps at the Met? It’s nothing new that she’s been of the rocker for awhile now, but this takes her craziness to a totally new level.

Just watch the video, comment, and vote below.

— Maxine Studebaker

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