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'Pretty Little Liars' Season Finale Scoop: Marlene King Reveals How 'A' Will Be Unmasked

Fri, March 16, 2012 1:51pm EDT by Andy Swift 23 Comments

Plus, Marlene says the finale features the series’ creepiest moment yet! (Yes, even ‘creepier than the dolls.’)

I’ve got good some very good news for Pretty Little Liars fans — especially those of you with anxiety issues: creator Marlene King promises we won’t have to wait until the final moments of the March 19 season finale to find out who “A” is! “You’ll have time to process it and understand it as the girls are processing it and understanding it,” she teases.

There’s a popular rumor online that “A” will be revealed only to the audience, and not the girls, but Marlene is happy to say that’s not true.

“The audience and the ‘PLLs,’ as we call them, will all find out together,” she confirms.

So who will remain in the dark about “A,” even after the finale? The girls’ parents, of course!

“[The finale is] more about the PLLs,” Marlene says. “It’s a very PLL-centric episode. Their families don’t play a huge part in it.”

And speaking of finding things out, Marlene says the finale contains a major discovery that just might make for the creepiest scene in Pretty Little Liars history.

“One of the characters uncovers ‘A”s lair, and your jaw will drop to the floor,” she says. “[That scene] gives me goosebumps. It’s creepier than the dolls.”

Also, Marlene invites fans to go back and re-watch every episode of Pretty Little Liars after “A” is revealed because, she promises, every random plot point will suddenly make sense.

“‘A’ has never changed from the get-go,” she tells me. “It was designed to be that way so that when we revealed it, it would make sense. I don’t think we have any holes we have left to fill!”

I’ll post more of my interview with Marlene a little later, but for now, let’s share some ‘A’ theories. Vote for your prime suspect below, then hit up the comments section with your craziest theories! (And remember: No theory is too crazy.)

— Andy Swift

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