'Two and a Half Men' Cancelled? Too Expensive To Renew, Insider Says

Thu, March 15, 2012 3:24pm EST by 113 Comments
Two and a Half Men Cancelled

A source on the hit TV show’s set tells HollywoodLife.com producers are concerned about the amount of money they’d have to pay Ashton Kutcher and the rest of the cast to stay on the show for another season and are considering cancelling it!

Even huge ratings might not be enough to keep CBS’s hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men, afloat. HollywoodLife.com can tell you exclusively it might not be renewed for a tenth season due to the cast’s over all high salary.

“Right now it’s all about the money,” a source on the show tells us. “CBS would have to give Ashton Kutcher a huge raise to stay on for another season, plus the rest of the cast makes a ton a money already. It might just be worth it to end on a huge note.”

After Charlie Sheen left the show in season eight, he was replaced by Ashton, who brought in an average of more than 16 million viewers a week (which was nearly a series all-time high!). However, despite the high ratings, the 34-year-old actor was still paid an estimated $15.4 million for the season, which would only increase.

“Discussions are still happening, but right now it’s looking like it’s 50/50 at best for renewal,” our source says.

Would YOU like to see Two and Half Men renewed for a tenth season? Sound off below!

Reporting by Russ Weakland

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Posted at 10:25 AM on May 23, 2014  

The show it’s not cancelled because of money. … the show it’s a POS!

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Posted at 7:18 PM on August 20, 2013  

I only watch the old show

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Posted at 10:26 AM on July 16, 2013  

ax the show, it’s too much focus on cheap sex

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Posted at 10:42 AM on May 15, 2013  

How about doing a poll on “How many People ONLY watch the original 2 and a half men reruns” This should provide enough data to prove to the producer Mr Lorre, that he should be pursuing Charlie Sheen to return and keep the magic alive. By now, common sense should have kicked in.1- the original show was brilliant, top to bottom, writing,directing and most importantly, a perfect cast.2- Charlie is only human and sometimes, pressures and stress lead to apoint where one has to ” get away from it all” His escape ,unfortunately, was fuelled by substance. Which of course leads to bad decisions, on his behalf. Yet Mr Lorre got his back up retalliated and put more pressure on Charlie, making the matter worse. A bad situation, but, time being a healer, this could easily be resolved with a simple handshake between Mr Lorre and Charlie Sheen. Let bygones be bygones and get back to business. The big losers in this unfortunate dispute are us the viewers and the advertisers who would be able to capture air time for a huge audience. If I knew how to do it I would send a copy of my comment to Mr Lorre and Charlie Sheen. regards,

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Posted at 6:45 PM on October 18, 2013  

That would be a great POLL!

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Posted at 12:01 AM on April 9, 2013  

if you’re going to bring in a bunch of white trash characters, why not just start a new show and make the set a trailer park. Have Allen run the trailer park,This show is absolutely ridculous. The writers don’t even seem to give a sh&&* anymore.

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Posted at 11:21 PM on April 6, 2013  

The problem with Kutcher is that anything you see him in you think “Kelso!”.

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Posted at 6:51 AM on March 20, 2013  

No. I would like to see it be cancelled. Its notthe same show as before.

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Posted at 3:16 PM on March 6, 2013  

This show could be saved in 2 ways. Get Charlie Sheen back and have this all been a bad dream. Pick back up with where Charlie and Rose left off. Ashton is so boring on this show. Alan was supposed to be the smarter brother, but he turned into a slimy worm and it is so unfunny. All you needed to do was keep all the old cast if you didn’t want Charlie Sheen anymore and make it about them. But oh NO u couldn’t do that. You had to bring in a high priced actor. Either way get rid of WALDEN.

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Posted at 10:00 AM on February 14, 2013  

Cancel this show already! How long are they going to keep beating that dead horse??
Sheen leaving was the worst thing to happen to the show and the showrunners need to swallow theor pride and END the show.
How much longer are they going to try to prove it’s a great show inspite of Sheen’s absence? Get over it. Nobody cares about ur hurt egos. We just want to watch good funny shows.

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Posted at 9:56 AM on February 14, 2013  

I can’t believe this pathetic show is STILL running. After Sheen left, it’s become a completely different UNFUNNY show.

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Posted at 4:51 PM on November 30, 2012  

They knew this show was dead without C.S.But I can blame them for trying.Now,please,cancel this stupid show!

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Posted at 7:10 PM on November 26, 2012  

they will cancell it! cause ANGUAS t. JONES said to stop watching now!!!! so as of now ! it will be cancel! it was a good show while it lasted!

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Posted at 5:24 PM on November 18, 2012  

Ashton i’m sure he’s got talent but it’s just not the same without Charlie;
Bring Charlie back pay him what he needs but i’m almost sure that’s not why
he left anyway.

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Posted at 7:27 PM on October 2, 2012  

Ever since Charlie left the show it doesn’t carry the same level. This show has been a failure ever since Charlie left and Ashton joined. Cancel this show, nobody cares anymore.

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Kim kay

Posted at 10:54 PM on September 10, 2012  

The show is terrible now and I agree that if Charlie is not returned the show should be cancelled! The Ashton is terrible and the other characters have lost their appeal! The show really is terrible now and I would love Charlie back as the show was great with him in it! I won’t waste my time watching now but I did give it a go with Ashton but it was horrible and not funny whatsoever! Terrible show now! I will watch re runs with Charlie!

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Tony Lee

Posted at 1:23 AM on September 9, 2012  

The new Two and a Half Men is not as funny. Also gone are the beautiful women that Charlie Harper has in his life. So now it is less interesting to watch the show.

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Posted at 8:56 PM on September 1, 2012  

Charlie is god…kutcher needs to be killed off in the show(in real life also would be sweet) this is the worst possible appointment they could of made I didn’t watch it because I just knew this fool kutcher would ruin everything a terrible actor and a idiotic fool off camera SO UNLIKABLE……just two of my ideas would of been to introduce will smith somehow and he would be will from the fresh prince only older obviously and the odd character from the fresh prince would show up every now and again IMO this really could of worked or else Charlie left everythingin his will to Jake and the lawyer who told him about the will could of been introduced into the show the lawyer would be sleazy and hang around Jake and try to groom him into something similar like Charlie I think lawyer could be similar to Saul Goodman from breaking bad but a comedy version…just my cents I don’t get paid millions to write tv shows but I defnitly could of came up with something better than kutcher and his characther long live Charlie

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Ann Sanderson

Posted at 9:14 AM on September 3, 2012  

I agree.

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Posted at 5:36 PM on September 25, 2012  

No Charlie.. No fun!!!
Charlie was the best one in the show.
They should have cancelled it when they lost Charlie.

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