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Jennifer Lawrence: The Hunger Games Are Like The Kardashians

Thu, March 15, 2012 2:23pm EDT by 4 Comments
Jennifer Lawrence Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lawrence thinks the concept of ‘The Hunger Games’ can be compared to the Kardashians, specifically the way we all watched Kim K. go through her divorce from Kris Humphries!

They may not kill each other like in The Hunger Games, but Jennifer Lawrence is convinced the Kardashian family has a whole lot in common with the reality game with which all of society is obsessed in The Hunger Games.

“I was watching the Kardashian girl getting divorced, and that’s a tragedy for anyone. But they’re using it for entertainment, and we’re watching it,” the 21-year-old actress explained in a Parade magazine interview. “The books hold up a terrible kind of mirror: This is what our society could be like if we became desensitized to trauma and to each other’s pain.”

In The Hunger Games, the government has strict control over each District and forces them to choose two children from each one to compete in The Hunger Games, which are televised 24/7 (much like the Kardashians). However, unlike heartbreak and fights with Kris Jenner on Keeping up with the Kardashians, the children are forced to kill each other in order to win.

We think Jennifer definitely has a point — we’re not at Hunger Games level yet, but if the Kardashians keep producing more shows and we become complacent politically, the risk could be there (although we doubt will be seeing mass murder on reality any time soon!).

Do YOU think the Kardashians have a lot in common with the Hunger Games? Sound off below!

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