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Daniel Musto's 'Fashion Star' Recap: Nicholas 'Flubbed' & Offended Under Pressure

Wed, March 14, 2012 11:30am EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment
Fashion Star Recap

Get an exclusive, first-hand look inside last night’s premiere episode from the show’s stylist, Daniel Musto! He addresses the outburst from Nicholas and why he was sent packing while also weighing in on the buyers and judges!

My first thought when watching the pilot episode of Fashion Star on NBC was, “Every single tween viewer is going to wear a home-made version of Nicole Richie‘s headpiece to school tomorrow.” My following thought was, “I am so grateful to be attached to such a groundbreaking television phenomenon.” You can see the winning product on the show tonight and wear it tomorrow! I am still amazed that this is finally possible. As the wardrobe stylist for the show, I nitpick everything I created, while enjoying surprises that I didn’t catch backstage. This includes all the footage of Theodore Leaf in Suave and Julianne Kaye in Maybelline. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with them backstage so it is a lot of fun to see that my department wasn’t the only one teeming with chaos!

The motorcycle dance performance before Elle Macpherson‘s showcase opens the show with a statement. Fashion Star isn’t just about talented fashion designers, it is an entertaining variety show that is bound to spice up Tuesday nights. Elle’s lingerie line sets the platform high for the contestants. Opening the show this way sets the standard for what the audience should expect from the designers as the group of contestants shrinks.

Orly Shani‘s versatile skirts proved that she thinks thrifty, which was confirmed when Saks bought the collection. For $350.00, they know their customer needs multiple ways of wearing a skirt to be sold on the price. I am hoping she adds some versatile men’s pants for me to wear on the red carpet soon. Jessica Simpson stated, “My mom and I call that a two-fer.” I agree with Nicole Richie‘s statement that she felt Edmond’s dresses looked like they came from different time periods, but I do see the cohesion in their silhouettes.

It is exciting that fans of the female mentors are able to get a taste of the personalities they loved from The Simple Life and Newlyweds. Although, it IS refreshing to hear our favorite “one-liners” all grown up, giving priceless business advice and style guidance.

Oscar Fierro‘s bevy of emotions can be unnerving, but when you learn his story, you can only hope that he finds success in his talents. His headdress shows a different niche that could be fruitful for him. While his butterfly dresses weren’t exciting, I could see pieces like his headwear being worn in music videos and large performances.

Nikki Poulos and I both reference interior design magazines when creating looks. I reference hardware and upholstery prints, while Nikki finds inspiration in wallpaper prints. Her floor length dresses exude Palm Springs luxury. Her brand is obviously thought out and works cohesively. Her Macy’s-buy is bound to sell out to Nicole Richie’s fans.

Although it is my duty to use my best judgment when working directly with the contestants, there are sometimes extreme styling elements that are required by the designer to carry out their vision. Nicholas Bowes has a strong idea of his brand’s image. In this case, he used shorts and leg warmers from his personal collection to complete the final look in his runway presentation. Although these concepts could have been strong, editorially, they didn’t convince the mentors or the judges on the Fashion Star runway. In addition, his comments with the panel were found to be inappropriate. Under the pressures of an audience, the cameras, and a strong attachment to his visions as an artist, I can see how it was possible for him to flub up his words.

Sarah Parrott‘s shift dress got a great reaction from the mentors. It is also the most talked about design on my Twitter and among my friends. Sarah can obviously see what the consumer is looking for, while staying close to her design image.

Lizzie’s jersey-knit designs stood out with the help of the steam punk inspired necklaces and edgy heels. We were sure to showcase how the same dress can be worn on girls from three different walks of life.

The mentors were hungry for more after Kara’s runway show. After a successful consultation with her, I was able to style the looks to complement the androgynous necktie designs. She impressed the judges and proved to them that image of Kara’s designs is marketable and has more to offer.

H+M’s beautiful buyer, Nicole Christie, states in the decision process that she cannot sell a personality on a hanger. First you need an impressive design, and than you can add the personality and lifestyle to it through branding. Branding makes products more appealing to consumers. She is in fear that Oscar doesn’t have the talent to back up his likeability.

After the mentors give Oscar a second chance by saving him from elimination, Nicholas is pulled from the group and told that his brief stay in the Fashion Star competition is over. Luckily, Nicholas owns a successful, celebrity endorsed brand and has a beautiful family to go home to.

All in all, I know the results and was STILL thoroughly entertained. I know I can speak on behalf of the entire production team by saying that we are all thrilled to finally share our baby with the world.

Daniel Musto

*Daniel styled the overall look of the show. While Project Runway designers create complete looks for the runway, the contestants on Fashion Star focus on designing signature pieces each week. Part of Daniel’s job is to creatively direct their runway shows while completing the looks. Under the influence of the designers, while using his taste level to supply the best version of the overall message, he brings their designs to life. Fashion Star also offers award show level performances including dancers, musicians, and other surprises. Daniel not only styles them, but was also valuable to the production as a creative influence on numerous concepts. For more on Daniel, follow him on twitter and check out his site.