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As Evil As Courtney Robertson Is, She Deserves Better Than Ben Flajnik

Tue, March 13, 2012 11:07am EDT by 13 Comments

Courtney was incredibly mean to the other girls in the house, but that doesn’t mean she deserves a jerk like Ben! She needs to dump him now.

Courtney Robertson needs to wake up! This Bachelor “fairytale” has literally turned into a nightmare for her, but she can still get out before it’s too late — before she says ‘I do.’

Courtney Robertson, 28, was undoubtedly the most disliked woman on season 16 of the Bachelor with Ben Flajnik. She pretty much asked for America to hate her when she said on national TV that she wanted to “verbally assault” another contestant. Who actually says that?

Sorry to be harsh Courtney, but your outrageous actions in the house definitely warranted the unfortunate backlash that followed. But despite her poor attitude, manipulative ways and dishonesty — I still thinks she deserves somebody better than Ben as her husband. Ben absolutely does NOT seem to be ready to commit to marriage and to monogamy, in fact. Why else would he have dumped her already and PDA-ed with other women? Am I right or am I RIGHT!?

It’s a HUGE red flag that in a time when Courtney was thrown into the lions den, Ben was the one to lock the door and watch her burn.In case you’re not up to speed, Ben revealed on the Bachelor After The Rose Ceremony  on March 12 that he  and Courtney broke up in February because of all the negativity surrounding their relationship. Really Ben?

Yes, I can understand Ben’s point of view. The nice, sweet, beautiful girl he fell in love with had a devious side to her when he wasn’t around. He felt disappointed in Courtney after seeing how she really acted towards the other girls when he wasn’t looking. She was cruel and quite frankly, crazy.

But how did Ben, being the reality TV veteran he is, not think that maybe, just maybe, the producers edited the episodes a specific way to make her appear more awful than she actually was?

This is reality TV after all and the producers and editors know what viewers will want to watch.

The reality here is that in a time when America turned against Courtney and tore her to shreds, Ben jumped on the bandwagon and dumped her too. If he couldn’t stand by her through those difficulties then how will he be a rock when the real adversities that life dishes up occur in their future life?

It doesn’t sound like a man I’d like to marry. If this is an indication of how he will act when they are really married, their marriage is doomed. If he really loved her “unconditionally” he would have stuck with her through those difficult times and not stepped out to flirt with other women.

Courtney admitted after the finale that she has her doubts about Ben and she should! But she should just do herself a favor now and give back her second engagement ring.

No matter how imperfect she is, no woman deserves a man who will just get up and leave when times get rough.

Courtney — please win America back by abandoning Ben, like he abandoned you, and finding a guy with better hair and way better values!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Courtney deserves better than Ben? Vote and weigh in below.

— Nicole Karlis

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