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'The Voice' Battle Round Two: Jamar Rogers Defeats Best Friend Jamie Lono

Mon, March 12, 2012 11:24pm EDT by 3 Comments

The battle round of ‘The Voice’ continued March 12 with tons of cockiness, a few surprising picks from the coaches, and one seriously tear-jerking moment — courtesy of Jamar & Jamie

For The Voice‘s first battle of the night, R&B singers Geoff McBride and Sera Hill took on “Chain of Fools.” 51-year-old Geoff claimed he had a better chance because he grew up on the music they were singing, and he backed up that confidence by blowing away Lionel Richie.

“His delivery is unbelievable,” Lionel said. “There’s no microphone! This is not coming off of a speaker.”

Sera wasn’t as loud, but still received support from mentor Jewel. In the end, she won over Christina Aguilera‘s heart, who said she had to go with her gut when she chose Sera.

Lindsey Pavao and Lee Koch were up next, and were surprised when Christina assigned them Nirvana‘s “Heart-shaped Box” as their battle song. Lindsey seemed to think she had the upper hand with her love for Nirvana and familiarity with the song, but when it came down to their performance, Lee sounded so much more on pitch and was clearly the better performer. But Christina made her second surprising choice of the night when she picked Lindsey over Lee! Still wondering why? Same here.

Onto Blake Shelton‘s team: Charlotte Sometimes and Lex Lan were pit against each other because of their personalties. Charlotte, who Kelly Clarkson described as having an explosive personality, is a direct contrast to Lex who is a lot more conservative. While Lex gave it her all showcasing her “sexy” tone, as Cee Lo Green called it, Charlotte’s confidence eventually won out.

Sarah Golden and Juliet Simms were Cee Lo Greens first battle of the night. During rehearsals, Juliet showed a bit of cockiness when she stated that “she was swallowing” Sarah, then added to that with an over-the-top outfit. She and Sarah seemed to constantly be trying to out do each other, but Juliet’s raspy voice was her real secret weapon. Cee Lo put her through.

Adam Levine‘s only battle of the night featured 50-year-old Kim Yarbrough who went up against red-head Whitney Myer. But Kim’s soulful and powerful voice was still no match for the much younger Whitney, and Adam easily put her through.

The night’s final battle — and the big tear-jerking moment — came courtesy of Jamie Lono and BFF Jamar Rogers. The friends were dreading going up against each other, making the results of their battle that much more harder for them to handle. Both Jamie and Lamar broke into tears. Jaime tried to be supportive of Jamar, and Jamar tried to be happy, but he still fad being chosen over Jamie.

Even though it was obvious Jamar was the better of the two, it still made you wish Jamie didn’t have to go.

What did YOU guys think of part two of the battle rounds? Did your favorites make it through, or were they sent packing?

— Milly Contreras