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The 3 Dangerous Staircase Flaws Every Parent Should Know About, Researchers Say

Mon, March 12, 2012 11:50am EDT by Add first Comment

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A new study reveals every six minutes a child falls down the stairs and is rushed to the hospital! Find out how you can make your staircase safe!

A new report says nearly 100,000 kids a year are hurt by falling down staircases, according to The Today Show‘s Jeff Rossen! Dr. Gary Smith reports that the most serious injuries happen to babies being carried down the stairs! He exposes three major staircase defects that could be in your home now, and how you can prevent your child from getting hurt.

Check your staircase for these three major flaws:

  1. The Top of the Flight Flaw: In many homes, the first step is longer than all the remaining steps. The danger here is that adults and kids can overstep and fall because your mind thinks all the steps are the same size. Even worse, many builders and inspectors don’t know to check for this flaw. Solution: Talk to a contractor to install a piece to the first step to make it even with the others.
  2. The Chunky Railing: If you trip, you can’t get your hand around a chunky railing to grip it. Solution: Replace the railing with a thinner one or add a thin railing on the other side of the staircase.
  3. The Gate Flaw: Many parents use a pressure-mounted gate at top of the stairs, but often it’s not flush or tight enough. A child can easily push it over, and fall down the stairs. Solution: A wall-mounted gate is impossible for a kid to push down. Also, install a gate at the bottom of stairs to keep curious kids out.

Jeff also recommends that parents don’t multi-task while on the stairs! In other words, don’t try to carry too many things at once — and hold on tight to the railing, HollyMoms!

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