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'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Someone Is Arrested For Alison's Murder

Mon, March 12, 2012 11:45pm EDT by Andy Swift 51 Comments

But is it really her killer? That’s just one of the million new questions we’re left with after this week’s episode.

Next week’s finale of Pretty Little Liars promises to be the most intense hour of the season, but I find it hard to believe it can possibly top the March 12 episode, which messed with my head so badly I’m not even sure a trip to Dr. Wren could cure me. (OK, fine, a trip to Dr. Wren could cure anything.) Let’s dissect this week’s episode, twist by twist, to see if we can figure out who “A” might actually be.

Let’s start with the biggest shocker of all: Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) and Garrett (Yani Gellman) are a couple! And yes, that means it’s also entirely possibly the little baby growing inside of her actually belongs to Officer M&M’s, instead of Ian (Ryan Merriman). But we didn’t really get a chance to find that out, because the minute Garrett and Melissa swapped spit in the kitchen, the other police showed up to arrest him for Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) murder!

That brings us to Jenna (Tammin Sursok), who’s the whole reason the police showed up at Chez Hastings in the first place. She showed Toby (Keegan Allen) the missing page of Alison’s autopsy and told him Garrett is the one who gave it to her, prompting him to blow the whistle on Rosewood’s creepiest cop. But there’s a much bigger question with Jenna: Can she see? She played blind for most of the episode, leading everyone to believe her surgery was a failure, but her aim was pretty dead-on with that fly at the very end of the hour. (Jenna lying? What a surprise.)

Speaking of surprises, I was floored by Aria’s (Lucy Hale) behavior tonight — and I mean that in the best way possible. When she found out her parents wanted to send her off to an all-girls boarding school, she finally grew a pair and threatened to reveal Byron’s (Chad Lowe) affair to the dean of Hollis. This sort of backfired and got Ezra (Ian Harding) ousted from the school, but it also led to the scene we’ve been waiting nearly two seasons to see: Aria and Ezra finally did the deed! At least, I think they did. There was definitely shirtless-ness, and “Wicked Game” was playing, so I think it’s safe to assume there was laying involved.

This now brings us to the terrifying portion of tonight’s recap. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) paid a visit to the creepy doll store, where they believed a wee little lad named Seth could tell them who was responsible for sending them that box of dolls earlier this season. Unfortunately they didn’t get to ask him, because they were too busy being attacked by all of the dolls in the store — including one who kept chanting “Follow me, end up like me.” Oh, and did I mention she was buried in the ground and bleeding from the head just like Alison?

And since everything on this show eventually comes back to Alison, I’d regret not discussing the fact that Alison paid a little visit to Spencer at the beginning of this week’s episode. It’s the exact clip we all saw last week — she told Spencer she’s “getting warmer,” then muttered something about wanting pills — but now that we finally got to see it in context, I’m more curious than ever: Could Alison really be alive?

This. Show. Is. Nuts!

OK, we’re one week away from the big “A” reveal, so let’s start theorizing! Is Garrett the father of Melissa’s baby? Did he really kill Alison? And, of course, the all-important question: Who is A?! See you in the comments section!

— Andy Swift

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