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'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Adam Corolla & Michael Andretti Fired In Shocking Double Elimination

Mon, March 12, 2012 12:49am EDT by 63 Comments

The ladies were at each other’s throats, but that didn’t stop Adam Carolla & Michael Andretti from getting fired in an oh-so dramatic fashion.

On the March 11 episode of Celebrity Apprentice, the contestants dived right into this week’s task: creating a “thoughtful” ten-minute presentation and Q&A session to introduce the Buick Verano to a live audience and online viewers. When comedian Adam Carolla and pop icon Debbie Gibson volunteered to be project managers for their teams, Donald Trump made it clear he was disappointed IndyCar legend Michael Andretti didn’t step up to the plate. Right away, you knew Michael’s decision was going to come back to bite him.

Debbie and Team Forte decided to “reflect” different features of the car with different members of the team. Let’s just say some members did better than others (ahem, Aubrey O’Day, who kept calling the Verano the Verona). Frankly, I found their presentation a little weak. I liked the concept, but I wasn’t blown away by the execution. They also crashed and burned (theres a driving pun for you) during their Q&A session, seeing as how they literally knew nothing about the car they were presenting.

Meanwhile, Adam took the reins and came up with Team Unanimous’s concept. After Michael introduced the car, team members posing as “hecklers” got Adam to present the different features of the car. Despite concern from the rest of his team members that the presentation was going to be “funny” and not “witty,” Adam stuck to his guns. I, for one, believe his risk really paid off. Overall, I thought Unanimous’s presentation went a lot smoother than Forte’s and I believe the men got their message across much better. They were also a lot better at fielding the audience’s questions.

In the boardroom, it was clear which team got along better. It wasn’t five minutes before the ladies’ claws came out. Tia Carrere and Teresa Giudice accused Debbie of not delegating well. Debbie, meanwhile, pointed the finger right back at them, accusing them both of not bringing enough to the table. I kind of have to agree with Debbie. Aside from cracking a lame joke during the presentation, Teresa spent most of the episode looking sad and confused. Come on, Teresa — you’re the housewife known for flipping a freakin’ table! You’ve got to step it up! While all this was going on, the men were busy patting themselves on the back.

But just when we thought the ladies were toast, The Donald pulled a fast one and crowned them the winners. Honestly, I think the ladies were more surprised with their win than I was — and I really thought they blew it! When Adam took a bullet by refusing to bring two people back into the boardroom with him, The Donald was none too pleased and announced two people were getting fired. In the end, Adam and Michael were given the heave-ho, Adam for choosing the losing idea and Michael for not volunteering to be project manager in the first place.

Who do YOU think deserved to win the task, HollywoodLifers? And do YOU agree with The Donald’s decision to fire two contestants?

— Josh Rosenblatt