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More Parents Legally Changing Kids' Names Because They Regret Their Choice — Would You?

Sun, March 11, 2012 9:58am EDT by HL Intern 7 Comments

Celebs such as Beyonce or Gwyneth Paltrow might not regret their unique kids’ names, but many unhappy parents stress are having their kids’ names legally changed. Talk about an identity crisis at age 5!

They aren’t as unusual as celebrity kids Blue Ivy, Apple or Kal-El’s monikers, but parents who name their little ones common names such as Taylor, Aiden and Sophia are rethinking their choice! “But then, you get to preschool and realize that little Aidan or Sophie will be one of five in their class with the same name… Or explain for the millionth time that no, little Taylor was not named after Swift or Lautner,” Rebecca Dube blogged for Today Moms.

Parents try to give their kids more original names then the standard Holy Bible monikers: Matthew, Luke or Mary. They don’t go as far as some celebrities, but their attempt to distinguish their child from the rest sometimes backfires.

Like how Charlotte Hilton Andersen, a mom blogger on Redbook, sees the Jonas Brothers phenomenon wreaking havoc on her 8-year-old son, Jonas. No love for the musical brothers from this little guy.

“The first time it happened, we giggled. But this weekend when yet another little girl tittered and asked my 8-year-old son Jonas if he was named after the Jonas Brothers, the only sound was my son’s sigh,” Andersen wrote. “‘Couldn’t you have named me Bob?'”

Don’t think celebrity moms aren’t partly to blame for parents stressing over finding an original name for their child.

“Children have always been objects of enhancement, but with celebrities and names now, there is a total objectification,” psychiatrist Dr. Michael Brody told TODAY Moms.

Do YOU have a crazy name that you or your parents wanted to change? Were you named after a famous celebrity?

Emily Morgan

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